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Dive into an underwater world of fun! Use your bubble jets to push colorful balls into the baskets floating above. With the many challenging levels and realistic underwater movement in Aqua Drop, you won't want to get out of the water.

Choose your level and dive in! Just like the water toy you played with as a child, your goal in Aqua Drop is to float the colored balls up and land them in the baskets. Tilt your device side to side to move the balls, then tap the left and right bubble jets that push the balls toward their targets.

Be careful - you need to put the red or yellow balls into the basket of the same color (or the gray basket). If the wrong ball lands in your basket, you lose points.

When you're controlling the bubble jets, you can be slow and careful or fast and furious - but watch out because the clock is always ticking in Aqua Drop. Act fast to score as many points as you can before the 50-second timer runs out!


In Aqua Drop, there are exciting new challenges the more you play. You could have two baskets of different colors… or the baskets could be moving!

Also watch out for the spiked metal balls - if one ends up in your basket, it will shatter the basket and you lose.

Each of the 4 levels - angel fish, clown fish, dolphin, and goldfish - has 5 stages, for 20 fun and challenging stages in all. Aqua Drop is a game that anyone can play, and will keep you entertained for hours.


Features of the Aqua Drop game include:

* Fun underwater game - Use your bubble jets to push the colored balls into your baskets above

* Exciting challenges - Stages could have two colored baskets, moving baskets, or dangerous spiked balls

* Highly realistic movement - Balls bounce off each other and bubbles gently float up using the advanced physics built into the game

* Beautiful graphics - Feel like your under the sea as fish swim by and plants sway in the current

* Multiple profiles - Up to 3 different players can have their own profiles with the levels they have completed

Looking for a fun and exciting game? Dive in and download Aqua Drop today.

What's new

- number of levels increased to 15 (previously 5)
- smoother animations


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