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3 people, 10 hundred thousand, 1 App game, Sell it to whole world. Sounds like a challenge to you?
Real world market, various nation character, unknown events, 7 billion people with different hobby and interest, here you get a chance, how you gonna move all of them?
It’s the time to make a game instead of just playing. Start right here, start your App Empire!

Game Characters:
1. Be Passionate! Make the App you love!
2. Be Ambitious! Drive your company strong!
3. Be Attractive! Move every nation!
4. Be Sensitive! Feel the real world!
5. Be right here! Start your App Dream!

Rules and Strategies:
1. Choose the level of difficulty according to your company size and abilities.
2. Keep an eye on invest and efficiency evaluation, adjust strategies in order to keep them meet the full point to get a game with good quality
3. Try to know the composition and interest of each nation/area step by step, it’s important when you deciding the launch countries.
4. Adjust the spread strategies if necessary to make your game spread faster and gain you more incomes.
5. Try to gain a high score which means more stars after each round, it will award you more points for unlock team and company abilities.
6. Every complete round of game will reward you more company heritage, it will help you get more fans in the future.

How to play:
1. There are three difficulties: easy, normal and hard, choose one according to your company and its abilities.
2. Choose your team and fund size appropriate.
3. Choose the game you would like to make, pay attention, they are different from each other.
4. Unlock and level up your company abilities to help you half the work with double results
5. Give your game an attractive name
6. Start producing the game
7. Adjust produce strategies if necessary to keep the evaluate meet the full point
8. Once you finish production, you will be able to launch it in world market, you will find the fund and points you collect here are very important for you to get good spread start.
9. Choose a country to launch your game, although you still have other 3 launch chances, initial launch country are very important, so think carefully about it.
10. Your game will spread to other countries through 4 different ways, there’s an interesting influence among different countries, try to find it out.
11. Adjust spread strategies will help you sell your game better if you choose one appropriate at the right time.
12 A ULTIMATE GOAL for you, attract all 7 billion people all over the world!

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