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Adventure To Fate : Battle Arena JRPG

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Adventure To Fate : Battle Arena - is an JRPG style game based around The Tournament of Fate.
-350+ items to loot, craft, buy and find.
-Hundreds of unique monsters to fight
-Tons of character creation possibles (7 Classes, 8 Races, 6 Professions)
- 4/5 Star Review TouchArcade

- The Story Behind The Tournament of Fate -
100 years ago this day Castle Cardell was saved from the diabolical Sir Thanatos and his evil minions. A hero much like yourself sacrificed his life to save not just Castle Cardell but the whole realm!

On this 100 year anniversary we have decided to celebrate by holding The Tournament of Fate. Heros from all over the realm have come to stake their claim at greatness and untold riches!

The Tournament of Fate will test strength, endurance, wits and most of all heart. Only the greatest of all champions stand even a chance at completing this heroic task but if they do they will be remembered for all time!

The Tournament of Fate takes place in five different arenas. Each arena includes a battle ring, shop, vault and two portals. To start a battle round head to the battle ring and enter. Once you complete an arena you can head to the northern portal which will take you to the next area. Good luck and may the gods be with you!

- Customize Your Hero -
Use an old school roller to create a fully unique character
7 Classes - Knight, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard, Druid, Paladin, Illusionist, Monk
8 Races - Human, Elf, Orc, Gnome, Vampire, Dwarf, Halfling, Moon Elf, Troll
6 Professions - Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, Jeweler, Alchemist
Leveling system that goes up to 30 levels

- Crafting System -
6 Professions - Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, Jeweler, Alchemist
150+ Items to craft
30+ Materials to work with
Share Items between characters using the Account Vault

- Tournament of Fate -
5 Themed Battle Arenas (Classic Dungeon, Desert, Jungle, Undead, Frost)
Each arena has its own unique enemies, spells, shops, vaults, items and much more!

- Battle Evil Within -
125 Arena Stages (With hundreds of unique monsters to fight)
20+ boss encounters
Turn-based combat (JRPG style)

- In Depth Stat & Skill System -
Featuring 80+ Spells/Skills
Damaging skills - These are direct physical attacks that damage the enemy
Damaging spells - These are direct magical attacks that damage the enemy
Damaging All spells (AOE) - These are direct magical attacks that damage ALL enemies
Summoning spells - Allows certain enemies to summon others to help
Healing HP spells - These are spells that heal the casters life/hitpoints (HP)
Healing SP spells - These are spells that heal the casters skill points (SP)
Buffing skills - A skill that user casts on itself to raise some stats
Debuffing skills - A skill the caster casts on enemies to lower some stats
Mimicking skills - Use the enemies skills against them

- Endless Loot & Treasures -
350+ unique items
12 equipment slots to to fully customize your characters - (Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Legs, Boots, Belt, Bracelet, Necklace, 2x Rings)
Randomized drops on all monsters
Item rarity color system (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
*Share* all your items with the Account Vault System.

- Other Features -
Indie created game built for the people!
NO pay wall game is built to be played for free!
100s of hours of game play between all classes!
Autosave feature - Easy to pick up and play at any time!
Unlimited character slots so you can try every combination possible.
Retro Pixel Art
8Bit sound/music
Library system that explains general game, character, skills and combat systems.

Thanks for taking a look!


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What's New

Holy Monk Update

◉Gameplay Additions◉

◆Monk Class◆
▸Monks are an ancient class that use spiritual skills to destroy their enemies.
▸Monk Skills
◆Fury Focus - Your third consecutive attack in a row hits for double (Passive)
◆Energize - A buffing skill that grants an extra attack
◆Spirit Strike - A physical attack with a high hit rate
◆Inner Fire - A buffing skill that raises strength
◆Mend - A minor healing spell that uses no stamina
◆Inner Wind - A buffing skill that raises agility
◆Mind Control - A debuffing skill that lowers enemy strength and intelligence
◆Cobra Strike - A strong physical attack that poisons
◆Restore - A skill that heals equal to the amount last dealt to you
◆Dragon Strike - A strong physical attack with a high random factor
◆Inner Stone - A buffing spell that raises armor and blocks chance

◆Halfling Race◆
▸Halflings are a quick and dexterous race who resemble humans but are much smaller. Halflings are rather balanced and work well with all classes.
▸Bonus Skills: Quick Feet (Higher Dodge Chance), Make It Count (Higher Critical Damage)

◆Troll Race◆
▸Trolls are a very tall race who possess the ability to regenerate much faster than other races. Trolls are a legendary race and work best as Knights, Paladins, Druids, Rogues or Monks.
▸Bonus Skill: Regenerate (Huge HP Regains)

◉Accessibility Changes (Voice Over)◉
▸Starting Screen
-Labeled music / sfx on off buttons
-Added exit label to exit button

▸Character list select page
-Added label to add characters buttons
-Added label to back to start page button
-Made default starting button add characters button

▸Character Creation page
-Class, Race and Profession Sections labeled
-Can now hear stats after each reroll
-Can now hear what profession you are choosing
-Labeled to race and profession selectors
-Labeled close class, gems, profession, race info page

▸Main Section
-Added labels to all room squares
-Expanded exp label over bar so its easier to read
-Set Exp Bar to auto read after every battle

▸Menu Section
-Labeled Menu, Inventory, Crafts, Skillbook, Gem Shop and Exit.

▸Player Stats Section
-New label now shows all player stats together in order
-Labeled music on/off, sfx on/off and help scroll button

▸Equipment Section
-Added Hints to all equipment and potion slots

-Added hints to inventory slots
-Added hints to inventory and material bag buttons

▸Skills Section
-Added Hints for equipped skills and skillbook slots
-Labeled Dungeon Portals

▸Shop Section
-Added label to exit shop button
-Added hints to all inventory slots to let you know they are slots
-Added label to inventory bag and material bag toggle buttons

▸Vault Section
-Added hints to vault inventory slots
-Added labels for exit vault and to gem/iap shop

▸Battle Select
-When opened auto selects the dungeon arena round so you know which battle you are at
-Added hints on gold, material and gem so it does not just say the image name
-Added labels to previous and next battles on the selector screen
-Added labels on all the monster images and exit screen

▸Arena Screen
-When entering the arena it auto reads the combat log letting you know what monsters you are facing in the arena.
-When attacking it will now speak damage dealt and when monsters die
-Now can read stam, hp and sp bars and percents
-Now can read player stats
-Touching npcs says name and percent of life left
-Attacking npcs says damage miss block dodge etc
-Touching yourself says player hp percent
-Double tap hold on a skill or potion to see what it does.
-Notification when casting a spell without enough sp, stam, hp or wrong cast type

▸Battle Rewards
-Added hints on gold, material and gems

◉Bug Fixes◉
-Fixed a summon type on combat log
-Fixed a bug where you could get 2 different classes images for your character.

A special thanks to Matheus (drg), Dark and all the other members at that inspiried and helped me with this update.

◉If you enjoy the game please help it out by leaving a rating/review!◉


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