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Action Ball (kdm)

Action Ball (kdm)

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ActionBall, an amazing trivia and fun game, dealing with top basketball players and basketball terms. It is a member of a family of games, placing you in the center of fun and challenging experience.

For 99 cents, let your fingers do the winning of this enjoying basketball challenge.

The fun is wall to wall, but easy only if you have quick mind, good eye\hand coordination, concentration and good memory. You have it, you win.

You must navigate correct or false letters which randomly parachute from the sky into set of “good” baskets or into a garbage bin, hoping to put together a meaningful basketball player name or basketball term.

These names appear for a short time and then fade out. You must remember it before they disappear. Once disappearing, a rainfall of letters parachute from the sky begins to challenge you.

You must hold your device with both hands, and quickly but carefully tilt it to navigate the falling letters between surprisingly appearing obstacles, to direct and put the right letter in the right basket to recreate the disappearing name, while not losing points, time and even your nerves…

Warning! Do not be misled by false letters. Avoid hitting obstacles. Quickly bypass them or move them aside to clear the way.

Starting from 4 letter words being the lowest level, advancing to 9 and up letter words the real fun is at its peak.

If you hit a mine, it explodes on you and you lose points. If you place a false letter in the “good” baskets you lose points, if you place a correct letter in the wrong basket you lose points and so on.

If you hit randomly appearing balloons, you win bonus points and obviously if you place the right letter in the right basket you win points.

When you score enough points you win extra bonus points and go up to the next level and it becomes more challenging as you go up the ladder.

Come on, for 99 cents play it and show your friends. Good luck and be a winner.

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