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A business Tycoon 3 Profit Doublers

A business Tycoon 3 Profit Doublers

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This version offer 3 profit doublers at the beginning
**Please restart your device after installation. If you experience crashing problem in the beginning, there must be a problem with the installation; try re-installing it. Please note that you have to FIRST DELETE THE GAME from the phone then install a fresh copy in order for it to work or go to the tools menu and press the NEW GAME button to refresh the database. This app have been rigorously tested for crashing, and other issues. If it is happening, it is not installed properly, and please be specific and genuine about the reviews as a lot of hard work has been put into it.

People believe that making money is the hardest thing on earth.....that a good job is the only golden path you have to take in order to make millions of dollars.....that you require insane educational qualifications and hoard of professional experience for a lifetime jackpot.......

Think again......

Presenting 'A Business Tycoon'....a game that will take you through a journey that a normal person only dreams about.....a game that will allow you to make billions of dollars in no time....a game that is highly engaging and addictive once you get the taste of big money....a game that does not require you to be professionally dressed....a game in which age is no barrier between you & success....

So what kind of game is it....

It's easy enough to guess from it's name that you are to fill the shoes of the next business tycoon who is going to amass wealth that nobody else has amassed before...

You might ask what kind of vodoo magic is done by the business tycoon to make such money ???

They just carry out investments in such a way that almost every time they make huge profits...

Their rule is simple....

'Buy low sell high'

Buy the assets(businesses) when they are at rock bottom prices and sell them when their prices touch the sky. Now how about if you are allowed to trade your company shares so that you not only generate money from your own business but from public as well..

Combine these two and you have a money making machine in your hand...

So are you ready to make billions of dollars ??

But what to do when you have all that money in your pocket ... Well we have hand picked some of the most unusual and priceless luxuries imaginable for you to buy so go ahead and buy them...
When you are going through this journey you not only Make money but also earn fame which naturally attracts some of the most beautiful & powerful ladies to you so go ahead and date these ladies and check out what they like and what they don't...

-virtually unlimited gameplay
-game gets saved when it quits on a random call, logging out, system off or unexpectedly
-6 beautiful & powerful ladies to unlock
-12 most exuberent luxuries to buy

***please note that the game contains names & identities that are fictional and it's relation to anyone living or dead is highly co-incidental.***

***Copyright usage permission for all the images, text and content have been acquired***

**Game does not involve any real money**

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