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Mix It! Lite

Mix It! Lite

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[ Game description ]

Mix It! is a strategic puzzle game that combines balls of different colors.
Try earning as much points as possible by popping the balls.
As there isn’t any time limit, you will enjoy playing the game without having to rush.
You will find it more fun if you play with caution and strategy.

[ Game rules ]

You may combine 2 neighboring blocks.
You may not combine if there are same colors.
To earn points, pop the blocks by lining up at least 3 blocks of same color horizontally or vertically.
Game will end if there are no more blocks to combine.
Empty blocks may combine with any other block.

[ Full version offers ]

unlimited score + additional puzzle board + score board

-twitter @miiqx
-Published by Doosan Dong-A corporation.

[ US Customer Reviews ]
Playmaker1 - "Can't stop playing it" ★★★★★
coffeemomj - "Very challenging" ★★★★★
Lord Gek - "Deep Strategy in a Minimalistic Presentation!" ★★★★
Jesilainewtt - "Cool! Very interesting twist on the same ole' match 3 games." ★★★★★
Gamee9706 - "So so awesome Didn't get it at first but now I do and it's cooliot!!!" ★★★★★
otstamp - "Great game! This game is pretty simple. Fun game :)" ★★★★★

[ France Customer Reviews ]
Milouse59 - "Classe Bon casse tete" ★★★★★
Anniedu95 - "très beau jeu très beau jeu. Bien fait, il renouvelle le genre." ★★★★★

[ Italia Customer Reviews ]
nanu letto - "cool and nice" ★★★★★
Elleci78 - "Semplice ma geniale Per chi ama i rompicapi, è fenomenale.. Tanto semplice quanto geniale" ★★★★★
Lasà - "Ottimooooo Adorabile!!!!! Un buon passatempo, facile e distensivo, da avere!!!" ★★★★★

[ Russia Customer Reviews ]
siberiaman - "Интересная игра" ★★★★★

What's new

-Add English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


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