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Rich Man FW: Romance of 3 Kingdoms

Rich Man FW: Romance of 3 Kingdoms

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Rich Man FW: Romance of 3 Kingdoms is a kind of monopoly game backgrounded in the times of Three Kingdoms in ancient China. Meanwhile, it can also help players to recite common English words. It's simple, easy to learn and full of enjoyment. Its humorous language,plentiful generals' skills and colorful events can make you try to stop but cannot and never get rid of playing it. It doesn't have complicated internal affairs management, which makes you experience the pleasure of capturing territory and accumulating wealth at your leisure time.

Main features:

1. The leading characters have their own special skills, such as the right time of Caocao: he can walk more one or two steps at a time. The right people of Liubei: There may be more generals joining in his team at recruitment. The right place of Sunquan:he can earn more money when he goes by the start point every time. The special skills of other leading characters (including a hidden leading character) are waiting for you to find out.

2. Several maps that goes from the easy to the difficult and complicated can let you choose to relax for minutes or engage in a fierce battle for hours. The maps are set up in accordance with the real geographical position of the period of Three Kingdoms. The scoring system can let you challenge the highest score at any time.

3. A random map generator to generate real random maps for play after being tired of all the other maps.

4. 6 leading characters (including a hidden leading character) and more than 400 generals have different personality, language and special skills, making you experience the pleasure of collecting and using famous generals of Three Kingdoms.

5. The growth system of generals: generals can develop their capability by practice, which satisfies your pleasure of training.

6. The military counselor system: If you have famous military counselors, ministers and women in you team, there will be additional benefits in your trip.

7. A lot of events: it can bring great randomness and the pleasure of playing the game.

8. The original battle system: it can bring lots of changes and gripping battle process.

9. NPC IQ Setting: change the NPC IQ level.

10. The function of conserving/accessing game records makes you play it as you want. Please note each map can only support one game record.Please choose a map before you access a game record.

11. Quick start of the game: click it, and the system will automatically help you choose the force, the number of players and the maps to start the game.

12. The special function of "reciting English words while playing games" can display random words while playing the game. Therefore, it can improve your English unconsciously, making you neglect neither play nor study (you can choose to open or close the function). It can help you remember 2000 words without striking a blow by learning while playing.

13. Easy switch between English and Chinese UI.

14. Game Center support, high score for each map and various achievements.

15. More hidden elements are just waiting for you to discover and experience.

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What's New

1. Allow setting an advisor, advisor could do more help in battles.
2. One challenge map added.
3. Minor bug-fix and improvement.

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