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This is tip calculator and bill splitter. Ideal for those dining out with friends and splitting the bill, evenly or unevenly. We calculate your tips the right way, based on pre-tax, so you must enter the tax and total amounts you see on your bill. You don't need to know the tax rate where you are. Our BONUS feature that makes us unique is that we secure the total to add up the single digits in your final amount to any number you want to make sure when you check the bill it matches up to the original.

* Calculate using the pretax amount instead of the taxed total.
* Split the bill among guests with equal or unequal amounts.
* Split the bill among couples or separate groups.
* Email or text everyone the final calculations.
* Secure your tip and total with a magic number to check against.
* Dark mode for privacy and dim dining areas.
* Save and load your past calculations.
* No advertisements!

Featuring split the bill with equal and unequal splitting, share adjustment, couples, subgroups and an amazing secure magic number. Dining with a couple or another group? Use our unequal split feature to separate people into subgroups. Someone in the table is just drinking way too much? Separate them out and add an adjustment to their share.

Secure your tip and final total with an amazing but simple mathematical formula that you can easily spot check in seconds when you get your credit statement. Click on a person's final numbers and it will lock in the total with a simple mathematical formula that will add up to a magic number. Let's say you set your magic number to be 9 and your final total was calculated as $76.05. You take each digit and add it up, 7+6+0+5 = 18, then continue, 1+8 = 9. When you get your credit card bill you can spot check restaurants and make sure the digits add to 9, your magic number. No more wondering if your final total matches your actual charged amount.

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Basic support for iPad. Improved speed and accuracy of calculations.

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