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From tree to fruit to oil, the olive is not just a food -- it's an experience. The oil is the miracle liquid that binds together Mediterranean cultures, their kitchens, their religions, lifestyles, and their health. Today olive oil is a part of life around the world and we'll tell you where to go to find it.

Yes, but what do I do with it, how to I decide what to buy, what is bio oil, which oil is better to use for cooking? Where can I go to experience olives: to see them picked from sun baked tree, pressed under a huge stone at a country mill, drizzled over meat or salad at the table? We have the info right here in Olive Oil IQ.

Olive Oil IQ tells you the things you want to know when you stand in the supermarket aisle, trying to decide which olive oil to buy. Extra Virgin? We'll explain what's on the label and what it means. And, when you get home, our recipes are here to show you how to bring out the taste of your extraordinary oil.

Olive Oil IQ gives you an insight into the Mediterranean olive cultures, beginning thousands of years ago and impacting on the history and lifestyles of countries from Syria to France to Spain to Egypt.

In addition to this, you'll also find details about culinary travel in Italy and France, to experience the extraordinary olive oils, where the ancients savored their oil much as we do today: Olive Oil IQ offers suggestions for farm holidays, finding oil producers, and where and how to taste and buy products.

Want to grow an olive tree? We'll tell you how. Like to know something about the famous artists and writers who were fascinated by olive trees? We highlight their work. Trace olive oil in history, religion, medicine, sports, superstition and more right here at Olive Oil IQ. We begin with the tree, we engage the fruit, and we dive into the oil to bring you a fascinating and practical app about what Thomas Jefferson called "the richest gift of heaven."

••• About the Author •••

SHARRI WHITING says olive oil is the red lipstick of food -- it adds pizzaz to any dish, from antipasto to dessert. Sharri picks olives at home in Umbria and in addition to filling baskets with green fruit, Sharri has filled her brain with facts about olive oil: its long Mediterranean history, its uses, how to buy it, cook with it, bathe in it and travel to taste it.

She is Italian correspondent for Luxury Travel Advisor magazine and has written about Italy for Travel Agent, Food Arts, La Cucina Italiana (NL), and the blog, Italian Notes, as well as her own blog, Umbria Bella. Her articles have been seen in The Wall Street Journal Europe, Miljonaire (NL), Los Angeles Times, Travel Africa, and Travel News Namibia. Sharri has written two books, Top Ten Top Ten Guide to Rome (The Internationalist, 2000) and Culture Smart! Namibia (Kuperard-London and Random House – New York, 2008). She received her M.S. from Simmons College in Boston and has worked with Simmons graduate students in Italy. Best of all, she has tasted olive oil in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Namibia,

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