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Wheels of Fortune SP

Wheels of Fortune SP

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First of all , this is not a game. It is an app to show you how to acquire a fortune - not by chance, by investment , decision making and planning, you use these wheels of fortune to get rich.

The app is broken into three ways to make a fortune.

Fortune by Real Estate

These screens show you how to get rich from buying and selling commercial real estate. These are properties that generate income and that grow in value. Millions of people have become rich investing in these types of properties and you can too.

You can input the parameters of each investment and the software will tell you the cash flows and returns that can result. Use these series of functions to evaluate investment alternatives. Since the app allows up to thirty different Fortune Scenarios you can value multiple properties to pick the best investment for your portfolio of properties.

A Negotiator Spinner and a Planner Spinner has been provided so you can easily negotiate your purchases and plan your cash flows and ultimate return on investment.

Finally, a capital gain function shows you have much you can receive after taxes upon sale of a property.

Fortune by Business

Many thousands of people buy and sell businesses , no doubt for many this is the easiest way to make a fortune and it may be for you too.

Use the input screen to input information about a business to buy. The cash flow screen will show your cash flow after debt service and years payback for the investment.

A Negotiator spinner is provided to help you negotiate the purchase of a business showing the return on investment and payback.

And finally, a screen for evaluation of your proceeds from selling a business is provided with capital gain tax calculations built in.

Fortune by Investment

This is a general investment function that allows you to plan how to grow your investments. Your investment could be your 401k, stocks , bonds or CDs.
On the input screen you enter the initial conditions such as initial balance of your investment, enter your age , number of years to plan and your income and expenses.

The next screen shows how your investment will grow from year to year given your cash flows and initial investment and return.

Finally, an investment spinner is provided for you to quickly study scenarios of initial investment , return on investment and years you hold your investments.

You will see how your investment will grow by your ending balance and your age.

The three methods are how most obtain their fortunes. Many have experienced some luck in their success but for most it was not luck, it was hard work and knowing where they were going in the future i.e., they had a plan.

The Wheels of Fortune can give you the basis of your plan.

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