Real Price PRO ~ compare unit prices

Real Price PRO ~ compare unit prices

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Real Price ~ compare unit prices

Find the lowest unit price when you shopping.
Sometime buying in big quantity is not alway cheaper. Use Real Price to compare unit price. Finding the best cheapest product.

+ Bring this app when you go for wholesale shopping.
Found out that many situation we want to know which product is cheaper but each product comes with different unit, quantity and size so it is harder to compare the price. With Real Price, it will convert all products into the same unit price and indicate the lowest price by colouring.

+ Multiple comparison
Entering multiple product and compare it all at the same time.

+ Simple and Useful
Easily to manage the list of product.

+ Convert unit
Convert different unit to the same unit price before comparing so the input product can come from different unit.

+ Supported units:
Area: square meter (sq.m), square centimeter (, square millimeter(, square feet(sq.ft), square inche(,square yard(sq.yd)
Length: centimeter (cm),inche (in),feet (ft),meter (m),yard (yd),millimeter (mm)
Mass: grain (gn), gram (g), kilogram (kg), milligram (mg), ounce (oz), pound (lb)
Volume: liter (L),centiliter (cL),milliliter (mL), gallon (gal), gill [UK](gill) , gill [US](gill), fluid ounce [UK](fl.oz),fluid ounce [US](fl.oz), pint [UK](pt), dry pint [US](pt.dry) , fluid pint [US](pt), quart [UK](qt),dry quart [US](qt.dry),liquid quart [US](qt)
Byte: bit (b),byte (B),kilobit (Kb),megabit (Mb),gigabit (Gb),terabit (Tb),kilobyte (KB),megabyte (MB),gigabyte (GB),terabyte (TB),nibble (nibble)

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