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Power Cost let you calculate the cost of running any electrical device.
It is a must have application, useful as example when you are in a shop and you are comparing devices to buy and you can easily read the watt usage for each one from their specifications and you want to know the usage cost difference over a year.

This app is for non-technical users willing to calculate costs to running electrical device, it doesn't use power factor or voltage or amper intensity, it only requires you enter the power of the device you can read from the label of the device.
Power Cost was thought to be as most as easy and simply to use by anyone, no electrical engineering degree required.

It requires to enter:
- The watt power of the device
- The cost of electric power per KWh (you need to read it once from your electric bill, it may vary a lot for any state or country)
- The planned hours per day of running
- The usage plan (daily, weekly, monthly) as example (6 hours per day) or (2 hours per day twice a week)
- If you run your device on a daily basis or weekly or monthly and in case how many time per week or month

The app will show you the cost per: day, week, 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 4 month and 1 year
The app uses always your local currency to express costs.
You can insert decimals using the '.' or the ',' the app will recognize both
Result are calculated as you type, no need to press any calc button.

Calculating the total power cost for a device is very easy.
As example for my iMac I will insert:
- 80 Watt as power
- 10 hours daily usage
- Weekly plan with 6 days per week
- Energy cost of 0,46 € per KWh (I know, I pay an incredible high price).
I calculate this value (0.46 € per KWh) from my electric bill, usually this doesn't change a lot over time, it depends of your state or country.

I obtain a monthly cost of 9.46 € to run my iMac which is in any case a low power green computer, running a PC would cost a lot more.
The app will display costs in $ or € or any other currency you have selected as your local one

The app includes an help inside with various examples

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