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Invest wisely with iPhilStocks Pro, the easy yet powerful Market Watcher and Portfolio Manager developed specifically for the Philippine Stock Market. Optimised for iPhone, now compiled for iOS 9. Note that this is built iPhone. If you have both an iPad and iPhone we recommend our universal app iPhilStocks+.

Why iPhilStocks?
-Easy to use
-Now built for iOS 9
-Designed for Philippines stocks
-Multiple portfolio managers to view profits
-Provides BOTH headline and company news
-Numerous market summaries and bargain metrics
-Local and Global Indexes
-Analyze stocks with technical indicators
-Compare stocks
-Save to Cloud--so you never lose your portfolio and sync to all your devices.

Difference between iPhilStocks+ and iPhilStocks Pro

iPhilStocks+ is a universal app optimised for both iPhone and iPad. It supports iPad-centric features such as Split View Multitasking.
iPhilStocks Pro is optimised only for iPhone but has a similar feature set as iPhilStocks+.

Detailed Feature set:
1. Portfolio Manager. Portfolio manager includes built-in portfolios with the following features: Add/delete stocks, Edit transactions, sort, view profits.
Now transactions support buy and sell transactions and calculates both realised and unrealised profits.

In addition you can: Add more portfolios (in-app purchase required), customize portfolio name, Arrange portfolios.

2. Profit View. Monitor a portfolio's overall returns, individual stock returns, and daily returns, and per transaction returns.

3. Movers and Value Screens. Stocks Pad screens data and helps you find bargains! View top gainers, top losers, most active, most watched, stocks at 1 year high, stocks at 1 year low, highest dividend yielding stocks.

4. Native Proprietary Charts with Technicals.
-Drag your finger across our charts to scrub through data points. You can view the actual data points as you drag.
-View the stock's return for a time period by double tapping the chart
-Analyse stocks through technicals: SMA, MACD and RSI
-Large charts can be viewed in portrait and landscape

5. Compare Stocks Mode. You can compare the performance of stocks (up to 5) by viewing charts in different time periods. Portrait and landscape is supported.

6. Essential News. We gather information from multiple sources to give you the best information to make your investment decisions.

7. Cloud Syncing. By turning on cloud, you can edit your portfolio on one device and all your devices get the same changes. You can also use the cloud to back up so you never lose your data!

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What's New

We are happy to launch the latest version of iPhilStocks Pro.
Our most advanced version of iPhilStiocks.
For feedback and feature suggestions please email appjud@gmail.com.
We'd love to here from you!

Note that 3.0.0 is a required update for uninterrupted functionality.

Now includes 4 additional valuation metrics--Stocks in Year Low, Most Watched Stocks, Highest Year-To-Date Gainers, Highest Year-To-Date Losers

Same improvements from 3.0.0
1. Compiled for latest iOS 9
2. Simpler navigation, now portfolio appears in the first screen
3. Support for iOS 9 slide over in news. News tapped now goes straight to Safari
4. Passcode protection for privacy
5. Improved interface. Every single view has been reworked to improve its polish and consistency
6. Buy and sell transaction support, and realised profit support
7. Update to new servers for better performance
8. Work in both portrait and landscape
9. Add PSEI symbol to your portfolio

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