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Track your home finance and monitor budgets. Visualise your expenditure using graphs.

In times of austerity keeping an eye on your expenses is vital. This App is totally free for up to 2 accounts and 12 categories. There is NO time limit, or number of transaction limitations.

Designed to scale with more data... use it now. There is only one in-app purchase to extend the capability for those that need more!

New in version 2.0
Rebuilt for iOS7 support.

ADDED: In-place editing of transactions
ADDED: Tutorial Videos
ADDED: Summary breakdown by Tag
MOVED: DropBox into More Tab
FIXED: correct display of weekend payment in reoccurring transactions.

Tags - Allows you to setup four Tag Groups. Each group can be used for holding extra information about a transaction. i.e. setup a Tag Group for payee or sub-category.

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What's New

1. Simplified Add transaction wizard
2. Simplified Add reoccurring transaction Wizard
3. Edit button added to Balance/Reoccuring/Tags tab views. To help delete rows easier.
4. 'New tags' for a category can now be created from Add transaction wizards.
5. Total balance across all accounts now shown in the bottom left in Balance and Reoccurring tabs.
6. Reoccurring transactions tab now has a filter button.
6.1 - You can see all reoccurring transactions
6.2 - Or see reoccuring transactions that are still live. i.e. still have future transactions
6.3 - Or reoccurring transactions that have no future transactions. i.e. expired.
6.4 - By default you will only see live reoccurring transaction

Bug Fixed:
1) Includes general bug fixes for in-place editing.
2) Performance improvement when creating new transactions/reoccurring transactions.

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