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An easy starting point to get up to speed on all Bloomberg NEF research - anytime, anywhere.

Highlights include:
* Our most popular insights and top industry news all in one place.
* A personalized feed to access the latest content filtered by
your interests.
* Executive summaries of long-form content for a quick view of the key insights and data points.
* Bite-sized research content that surfaces key findings from our reports and analysis.
* Save what you like to revisit later on, or even offline on the app.
* Download to read content offline
* Forward content to your contacts via email

This is the companion app to the Bloomberg NEF service and requires an active subscription to log-in. Bloomberg NEF helps clients keep informed, simplify their research and sharpen their strategy with independent and comprehensive coverage on the transformation of the energy system.

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What's New

- View Summit agenda and speaker details more easily.
- Utilise iOS's accessibility features to provide a basic dark mode, to those users who enable colour smart invert on their devices.
- Bugfixes and improvements

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