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What's Your Sex Appeal? Free

What's Your Sex Appeal? Free

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Have you ever wondered what your sex appeal is? Entertain you and your friends as you figure out how you appear to the opposite sex with this 20 question quiz.

Answer truthfully and find out the dirt on whether you're a smoking hot find or an awkward wannabe. Have a great laugh with your best friends and try this out on anyone you meet!

It's split up into two different categories, one set of questions for men and one set of questions for women. Select one of three answers for each boys and girls and it'll compute whether you're a favorite in the eyes of those you want to fall in love with or not so much.

Think of it like a funny sex appeal joke you can share with others and see if your boyfriend or girlfriend really has the hot stuff that every other girl or guy desires so much. From questions about beauty to looks and hygiene, how do you think you rank up on your sex appeal?

If you like entertaining apps like funny jokes, pranks, magic tricks, or sexy games like truth or dare, would you rather, never have I ever, or what would you do then you'll love this simple quiz for finding out your love appeal. Great for valentines day or for the next sexy party with you and your friends!

So if you ever find yourself in a hot pool party feeling like you want to turn the sexy vibe up a notch, rather than playing a game of sexy truth or dare, load up this app and challenge your friends to who can be the hottest with their sex appeal. Then reward the hot guys or girls there with a free date with the sexiest person present (a win / win for that couple). Think of it like a local game of hot or not free dating app between you and your friends, mates, or work buddies best played when there's some girl or guy there that you really want to hook up with and need a pickup line idea or game to get active and out with them.


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