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Ride and create your favorite tracks in this iOS VR track simulator. Experience car tracks in full 3D, complete with supporting structures, dramatic lighting, acceleration physics, landscapes, sound, and quaternion based construction. Add an extremely quick and powerful track editing system, combined with a professional extreme-detail mode, and you have the complete package. Ride any of the pre-made tracks included, in any of three view modes, your normal full screen mode, immersive stereographic mode, or a unique multiple viewport mode. Then create your own tracks, perhaps your favorite raceway, freeway, or just one from your imagination, the possibilities are endless. Tracks are built using more than a dozen easy to add track pieces, or, create your own custom piece using five slider controls in the advanced professional editor mode. In pro-mode, you have full control over the length, pitch, roll, alignment and heading of the piece, all live. After you have created your masterpiece, save it for the future, or just exit the editor and ride. Once you get the hang of editing, a complete track can be created in a few minutes.

Warning! The intense immersive 3D stereographic mode makes this ride feels so real you may feel dizzy or nauseous. Enjoy!

3D Stereographic modes do not require glasses, just a relaxed set of eyes and some practice.

Three modes of operation and several tracks are included, however, you may create as many tracks as you like. The stereographic mode is our favorite since it makes the track seem so real, however, when docked, the fullscreen and viewport views are best. The viewport view wows you with the detail shown at multiple angles.

Unique, realistic track with supports and lighting.
Scenery with rolling landscapes, and sky domes.
Physics modeling for car speed.
Graphical track selector with preview.
Multiple displays, fullscreen, stereographic, and unique multi viewport.
Multiple camera angles, bumper, trailing, helicopter, and overview.
No glasses required 3D stereographic view.
High performance rendering library.
Unique headlight for dramatic lighting.
Multiple track colors and styles.
Quaternion based track construction.
Easy and professional track editing modes.
Interactive controls for speed and head rotation.

Editing tracks is extremely powerful, start with a simple or complicated example, delete (hit minus) any unwanted sections, scroll the pieces at the top until you see the full 3D preview of the piece you want to add, hit plus, then repeat until you are finished. If you get the ends close enough together, the track will automatically join and become continuous, otherwise your ride will just jump back to the beginning when it reaches the end, no problem. To enter Pro mode, just touch the "i" and select Pro Mode. All simple pieces may be edited in excruciating detail, with two stage sliders, or you can add blank pieces (hit plus) and make them do anything you want. Slide the timeline on the right to zip back and forth through the track. When finished, just touch the "i" again, touch save, rotate the preview as desired and touch save again. It will now show up in your track list. Fast and Easy!

Notes: The Cross-Eyed stereographic animation is simply viewed by relaxing your eyes and focusing deep within the display, which will come to life in full 3D glory, just like you were actually there. Be mesmerized by a smooth ride on the track which appears to go deep into your display.

No glasses are required, the display happens to be a pleasing size to view these effects and you will be amazed. When viewed correctly, you will see three images, with the center one in stereo, then just watch and enjoy.

Write to us with your requests, we love to hear from you.

What's new

iPhone 6 and 6 plus support. 64 bit upgrades. New high resolution hover car. Multiple camera angles. Upgraded editor. Upgraded graphics and performance. Full screen iPad stereo view.


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