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*** Decide how much your kid can play with the app, with the exclusive time saver timer! ***
*** Funny, talking and ... FREE! ***
Let us introduce you to our Jekolab mascot, Jack the talking Jeko! Play with Jack the Jeko, make him speak with your own voice, move him and shake him. But that ain’t all! You can also help him catch flies and tickle his belly! Fun, huh? He will become your best digital pal in a bite, we are sure. So ... are you ready to play with him?

Special features:
- Easy and fun to use!
- Use your fingers to move the Jeko and to make him take action.
- He can speak with your own voice... or that of your friends!
- It works on "airplane mode" too
- Use the Jeko coins to manage your play time

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And now ... Are you ready? Enjoy the fun and all green world of Jak the talking Jeko, ready for you to explore, enjoy and live!
Because playing is a serious business and learning can be fun!

- Parental control
Talking Jeko has a little "parental control" tool that allows parents to manage the maximum amount of time kids can play with the app. With Talking Jeko it is in fact possible to set a daily game time, graphically expressed in tokens of three minutes each.
Through a small admin panel, protected by a password, parents can choose the number of coins their kids are allowed to use every day, when they play with Talking Jeko. When all coins have been used, kids will have to wait for the next day to resume the game.
If the app is put on standby, the countdown stops and it only resumes at the reopening of the game.

- Why?
The use of technologies by small kids necessarily implies a few usage rules that they should learn, day after day. For instance, they should understand when and where they can play with the iPad; accept a few hygiene tips linked to the use of a tablet (no sticky hands!); pay attention to their posture and, most importantly, get familiar with the idea that they should not spend too much time playing with these tech devices.
House rules linked to time have been established for TV and video games, and it is thus very important to teach kids about the value of playing time even when they play with iPads and iPhones.
We felt that there was nothing better than a small coin purse to help them understand how to manage their game-time through out the day.

- But there is more.
The timer is a tool that will help kids cope more independently with their tablet-related activities. But it will also imply the involvement of the adult figures in their lives (parents and/or teachers) who have a key role in making the best out of the daily experiences kids have while playing with a tablet. Discussing and talking with them about what is going on on the screen, answering to their questions, helping them when needed, remembering them the rules and timings linked to the use of the family/classroom device.
Adults can support kids understand the connections and overlaps between what they learn via the tablet and their real lives, thus enhancing their awareness of the world.
With no rules or boundaries, kids would feel saturated by the load of messages and content they receive, and this could cause them an indigestion of information!

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