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Do you think of yourself as a good person? Most people do, but how do you really know? Have you ever wondered if the number of good deeds you do outweigh the bad? How can you possibly know unless you keep track of both the good deeds and bad deeds each day? You wouldn't be considered serious about losing weight unless you track the number of calories you consume each day. Similarly, you wouldn't be considered a serious athlete if you didn't chart your performance. Keeping track of your diet and athletic performance were tedious jobs until the smart phone revolution gave birth to numerous apps that make it easy to track your foods and exercise. But there hasn't been an app to help track and manage your karmic health, until now.

SinTracker is the first app that makes it easy and fun to track of all the good deeds and bad deeds you do each day. Not only does SinTracker keep a diary of your daily deeds, but it also tracks your results over time. Sin Tracker provides both charts and list style reports by day, week and month, so you can track your progress and watch your spiritual well-being soar. SinTracker even lets you customize the list of both good and bad deeds to fit you and your lifestyle. Wouldn't it be nice if technology was sophisticated enough to know each time you did something good or bad and automatically remind you how to be a better person. Technology isn’t there yet, but with of SinTracker by your side,your spiritual well-being just got a boost.

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