RBS HD: Rolling Ball Sculpture

RBS HD: Rolling Ball Sculpture

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Everyone loves to watch them, they are simply mesmerizing. RBS is a simulation of a rolling ball sculpture with interactive and non-interactive modes of operation. The sculpture is dynamically created right before your eyes, and never ends. Our exclusive quaternion based engine creates a twisting structure that will amaze, while the overlap detection prevents any criss cross of the track. The ball follows all gravitational physics rolling around the track in a smooth relaxing fashion. Artificial intelligence tilts and rotates the track to automatically keep the ball rolling, while new track is generated.

Once you are totally relaxed, take control. The sculpture may be dragged around with a virtual spherical control allowing for multi-dimensional manipulation. Orient the track to get the ball rolling downhill, the steeper the track, the faster the ball rolls. Go backwards and the ball turns red, reorient the track to get it going forwards again. Your performance is monitored and may be compared to your friends and/or all Game Center users. Total odometer, trip, top speed, and average speed are all logged, will you be number one? If you can pull yourself away, simply stop interacting with the sculpture and it will revert to AI control shortly.

New multi-ball mode permits you to release balls with just a tap and watch them run through the track, drop as many or as few as you like.

New clock mode automatically drops balls every other second while automatically orientating the track to keep them rolling.


Highlighted Features:
Dynamically created endless track.
High performance OpenGL ES rendering.
Dramatic lighting effects for track and ball.
Immersive speed sensitive sound effects.
Physics based velocity based on gravity.
Virtual spherical touch controls.
AI based track and orientation.

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What's New

iOS 10.0, iPhone 7s and 7s plus support. 64-bit upgrades. Upgrading lighting. Upgraded audio. Multi-ball mode. Clock mode.

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