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Offshore Radio. All ships, all anchorpositions, all programs, all DJs and lots of technical and background Info

Offshore Radio. All ships, all anchorpositions, all programs, all DJs and lots of technical and background Info

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Offshore Radio
■ NEW Feb. 23rd 2013 : Radio Veronica even is presented with an unique slideshow

The mid 1960s to the mid 1970s were the mainyears of offshore broadcasting, better known as Pirate Radio Stations.

This App shows all offshore broadcasting stations from 1958, beginning with the Swedish Radio Mercur until now.

In words accompanied with historic photos and original audiosamples the following stations are featured in detail:

■ Britain Radio
■ Britain's Better Music Station (BBMS)
■ Capital Radio
■ CNBC (Commercial Neutral Broadcasting Company)
■ Danmarks Commercielle Radio (DCR)
■ KING Radio
■ Laser 558
■ Laser Hot Hits
■ Radio 227
■ Radio 242
■ Radio 270
■ Radio 355
■ Radio 390
■ Radio 558
■ Radio Antwerpen
■ Radio Atlanta
■ Radio Atlantis
■ Radio Caroline
■ Radio Caroline International
■ Radio Caroline North
■ Radio Caroline South
■ Radio City
■ Radio Delmare
■ Radio Dolfijn
■ Radio England
■ Radio Essex
■ Radio Hauraki
■ Radio Invicta
■ Radio Ireland
■ Radio London
■ Radio Mercur
■ Radio Mi Amigo
■ Radio Monique
■ Radio Noordzee
■ Radio Nord
■ Radio Nordsee International (RNI)
■ Radio Paradijs
■ Radio Scotland
■ Radio Seagull
■ Radio Sutch
■ Radio Syd
■ Radio Veronica
■ Radio Waddenzee
■ Tower Radio/Radio Tower
■ Voice of Peace

Each Offshore Radio Station is presented with the following facts:

■ On the air from-to.
■ Slogan
■ Ship’s name, technical details plus photo
■ Audiosamples (e.g. Jingles and themetunes)
■ Anchorage positions
■ Owner(s) with name and picture
■ Transmitter equipment
■ DJs working for the station. Name by name, most of them with photos, many of them with audiosamples. A feature which can be found on this app only!
■ Radio Veronica even is presented with an unique slideshow


■ Interactive map showing all anhorages of Pirate Radio ships.
■ Interactive listing of all offshore stations.
■ Chronologic listing (“When was which pirate radio on air?”)
■ Background Information
■ Useful Internetlinks

You have never seen and heared before the Offshore Radio Stations in a more interactive manner!


P.S. To see more about this app, just visit

What's new

Huge update with loads of updated and new contents.

Separation and completion of the previously common entries of Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull.

Additional audio files of Radio Caroline, Radio Atlanta and Radio Scotland.


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