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Make your own newspaper! Enter a newspaper name, your top story name and even change the date! Then add your favorite photo from your photo library or take a pic with your camera. You just made the front headlines!

My Headlines is tons of fun and after you create your own news paper, you can email it to anyone or save it to your photo library.

Simple to use!
1. Tap on the news paper name and enter your own newspaper name.
2. Tap on the top story and enter your top story name.
3. Enter your date of your newspaper

You are done! now you can email it to anyone and share you fun with the world. My headlines also saves the last photo you have taken and the titles as well so you wont have to re enter your newspaper name and top story title every time you run My Headlines. Make your own custom newspaper and top story My Headlines!

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What's New

-Updated for iOS 8 compatibility
-Added Facebook option to Share menu

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