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Mahjong memoirs ™

Mahjong memoirs ™

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=== Mahjong memoirs ™ Here ===
Mahjong memoirs ™ was designed specifically for your iPhone or iPod touch, iPad, allowing you to enjoy Mahjong Solitaire anywhere.
Discover a beautiful and timeless tale of forbidden love in this reinvention of Mahjong Relive a touching wartime romance while immersed in exquisite Japanese-style art and serene music. Enjoy the Mahjong gameplay as you test your skills in Endless Mode to win unique trophies and earn special master badges. With a moving story, tons of levels and innovative features, Mahjong Memoirs has something for everyone!

********** FEATURE ***********

One of the primary measures of a good mahjong game is the amount of time it coaxes its players to invest matching tiles. Judged by this standard, Mahjong Memoirs is a winner. With hundreds of original tile layouts, plus a standalone story mode that ought to take most players at least five or six hours to work through, there's a good chance you'll be playing this latest iteration of the ancient Chinese game for weeks, if not longer.

But the game's impressive scope isn't the only reason to play. It also provides players with a variety of engaging, non-traditional objectives.

Of course, if you focus too much on making sequences you could end up ignoring important parts of the puzzle-those deep stacks and long rows mentioned above-which will hurt your chances of clearing the board the old fashioned way should your sequence plans not pan out.

Still, making sequences is addictive. In fact, you can actually make multiple sequences in the same puzzle, creating additional gold tiles. This can be very helpful in later puzzles that have hundreds of tiles, making matching two specific golden tiles a real challenge. With four or six golden tiles in the mix your chances of a quick clear grow substantially.

Then there are the trophies-more than 50 of them for accomplishments such as matching multiple identical pairs and earning a perfect three stars in endless mode-ranking names, and unlockables, which include fresh backgrounds, new tile sets, and additional tracks to grow your library of traditional oriental background music (though, it's worth adding, the game's length virtually guarantees that players will eventually grow weary of its score).

All this, and I haven't even touched on story mode yet. Story mode will appeal to the more conventional mahjong player. Players are led through several dozen puzzles by a kind old woman who is teaching us how to play the game while giving us a tour of her stately home (this is how we unlock the backgrounds). We can still construct sequences, but time and points do not play a role.

====== Thank you to everyone involved! ======

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