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Legends of Lime Rock by GT Racer

Legends of Lime Rock by GT Racer

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Lime Rock Park in New England is the American equivalent to Goodwood in the UK. Join us on Labor Day weekend at the most beautiful, time-forgotten track in Connecticut. Over one long weekend at the end of the summer, this place transforms itself into the most picturesque center for historic racing, gathering some of the most beautiful racecars in existence. You will become a race-team member, driving rare 50s and 60s Ferraris, an even rarer Aston Martin DB4GT Works Light-Weight, a super rare Allard or the ultra rare ’66 Shelby Group II Mustang. Time Travel made possible.

Feature Length: Approximately 60 Minutes

Application Features:

- On the go video playback. No WIFI required after initial install for watching anywhere
- Chapter driven and Interactive search to find sections quickly.
- Also includes a 10 minute video - Classic Le Mans
- Note taking

What makes you feel alive?

Try chasing an AC Cobra through the corners of the world-famous circuit of Le Mans, France - at night, in the rain - at the wheel of an Aston Martin DP 212. One of only three such cars in existence. Despite it being 2:52am you couldn'’t be more awake. Your car drifts sideways through that wet corner too close to the edge that’s hard to make out in the dark.

You’'re doing 100 miles per hour as the cold evening air is blasting through the back quarter window that is missing since the crash. You smell the burning oil, the hot breaks. The carbon monoxide from the not-so-perfectly improvised exhaust pipe is stinging your eyes. As you shift up, you feel the metallic clunk of the gearbox rocking an undamped jolt as if a giant sledgehammer beats you forward. Seconds later you’re doing a 157 miles - in a sixties GT! Vibration and noise are insane! But before you can deepen that thought: Blinding headlights in you review mirror: That Ford GT40 is gaining on you fast.

This is classic car racing! A worldwide fast growing phenomena where colorful characters living out their most sophisticated car-crazed dreams.
GT Racer is taking you literally inside the cars and onto the tracks. As a member of many idiosyncratic race teams, you are getting a peek at the most spectacular series of international classic racing, where the most beautiful vintage racers ever built battle it out on their most glamorous original tracks: 1950s and 60s Aston Martins, Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, Mustangs and Cobras at Spa (Belgium), Le Mans (France), the Nuerburgring (Germany), Limerock and Laguna Seca (USA) the Carrera Panamerican (Mexico) and many more.

GT Racer shares the unique experience of the classic racer that time-travels to the Golden Era of car racing. Where it’s not just about the checkered flag but the thrill of the chase. It’s not just about the speed and the noise but the incredible atmosphere. It’s about style and the single most sophisticated way to get you high on G-force.

It'’s the unparalleled old school coolness of a time long gone, genuinely revived down to the smallest bolt. If there ever was a way to become Steve McQueen, this is it.

”Racing is Life! Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.” - Steve McQeen in “Le Mans” 1971

Those lines perfectly express the passion for racing, uttered when racing was still tangible and privateers with nothing more than a decent car and talent could challenge big corporations with deep pockets.

And that’s the story we tell: A story of men who can do things only the right way; uncompromised, driven by passion just as in those golden days, when regular sports cars where modified for endurance racing -– a time when the pure drive of one gifted man could take on the one of another.

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