Kid Pit Stop

Kid Pit Stop

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Get Ready for Race Weekend!
Choose Your Car: Open Wheel or Stock!

The Clock is On! Fuel! Tires! Race!
Engines Roar! Crowds Scream! Go!

It's Race Day & You're the Crew Chief!

Only Way to Win This Race: Pit Fast & Pit Smart!

A whole new take on Race Gaming! Take command of the Pit Crew, watch the Stats, call the Pit Stops at just the right time. Execute and Grab the Checkered Flag!

Race in Time against 7 other Teams! Keep a close eye on the Car's Data Ticker, as well as the Pit choices of the other Teams to determine just the right time to Pit. Then, if you want to win this Race, Pit Fast!

Keep a close eye on Fuel, Tire Wear & Pressure, Carburetion or Track Bar & Aero settings, Car Damage, and Car Speed.

When it's Time, Pit! Set the Jack! Grab the Air Wrench & Change the Tires, or just adjust the Pressures! Check the Aerodynamics! Pound out the Fenders! Fill the Tank! Quick, Get Back to Racing!

Keep an eye on the other Crews! Are they Faster than you? Each Race is different, the right time to Pit depends on the dynamics of each individual Race. You're the Boss!

Tips: Tap Pit Stop to Pit before your Car passes Pit Lane. DO a few dry runs in the Pit Area to Practice before running a full Race. Tap Each Tool to Select and Tap Car to Effect. Tap Race to Exit the Pit Area. Each Tool adjustment effects the Car's Speed on the Track; take the time to adjust, the car runs faster, don't take the time, exit the Pit faster, you manage the strategy!

Think you got the stuff? Get "Pit Stop", the Full Version of Kid Pit Stop, available on the App Store, then Jump on Game Center to Race against Pit Crews around the world!

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New Open Wheel Style Cars!
You Choose: Stock or Open Wheel!

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