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New iPhone App Turns Everyone Into Paparazzi And Gossip Guru.
CelebrityVibe Photo Agency has created the iSnaper® for iPhone and iPod Touch, the ultimate app for snapping, selling, sharing and editing photography. The only app in the world of its kind, it may actually make you rich."

"iSnaper will define the future of celebrity coverage," says Selma Fonseca, president of the CelebrityVibe photo agency. "We want everyone to benefit from the lucrative business of selling photos of hot celebs for the world to see. Its Facebook meets the tabloids."

iSnaper uses the latest digital technology to send your photos to key media outlets -- wherever you are in the world. “iSnaper turns everyone into paparazzi!" says Fonseca. "You capture the snaps, we make you cash.”

CelebrityVibe, which for over a decade has been selling pictures of the biggest stars to top mags, newspapers and TV shows, developed the iSnaper App to create an international spy network.

"Instead of just sharing a star picture with your friends, share it with the world," says Fonseca. "The process is very simple. CelebrityVibe will review photos submitted through iSnaper within 48 hours and determine its value.

You will then be contacted once your photo has been approved for sale. The iSnaper app user will receive 70% of all proceeds. You can make $700 for a $1000-sale, just by being at the right place at the right time. iSnaper will let you control your exclusive."

The iSnaper interacts with leading image giants like Animoto®, Imagekind® and SmugMug®, Personal Creations® and ModelScouts®. It also keeps you up on the latest gossip by linking to 20 leading celebrity news sites.

“iSnaper is the one stop app - a social media nerve center that will turn your brush with fame into breaking news," says Fonseca. "It will let you be the news maker."


1. Exclusive, meaning you are the only person that has snap this photo, recent, high quality photos of “A” List Celebrities. The bigger the star the more money you’ll make.

2. Sets of pictures sell for more than one–off pictures. Try and get a sequence of images to maximize your chances of making big money. Send them all in!

3. Make sure you get the highest quality possible. If your snaps are grainy and out of focus they aren’t going to make so much cash.

4. Gossip about famous people can be worth a fortune too. We can sell your story and make you rich! Maybe it’s a kiss and tell story or maybe you know a celebrity that is up to something they shouldn’t be.

Having a hard time finding these celebrity sittings? Keep your eyes and ears open at the HOT parties, Film Festivals, beaches, restaurants, hotels, events, conferences, parks, and sporting events.

iSnaper camera feature set includes:

• Slide drag Zoom (5x)

• High Speed Continuous Snap (x2 mode)

• Easy Snap (Tap Anywhere to Snap a Photo)

Sharing your photos on iSnaper will change your sharing experience.

Snap photos of your friends to instantly send to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or email.

Use your photos in the iSnaper App to Create, Print, Transform, and Frame your shots.

Please choose whether you would like to SELL you photos or send to any social networking site as you may only do one, so please choose wisely.

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