Inspire Pro Free — Paint, Draw & Sketch

Inspire Pro Free — Paint, Draw & Sketch

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Available exclusively on the App Store, meticulously designed using the beautiful new features of iOS 8 and painstakingly engineered for the 64-bit CPU and octa-core GPU of the iPad Air 2 — Inspire Pro delivers an incredibly fast and realistic painting, drawing and sketching experience that you can take with you wherever you go and use whenever inspiration strikes.

Our proprietary painting engine Sorcery™, based on OpenGL, takes full advantage of the GPU to render brush strokes with brilliant 64-bit color, laser-sharp sub-pixel precision and insanely fast speed. While the strokes of a wet oil paint brush look beautiful on their own, the breathtaking blending effects of a dry brush will absolutely stun you. Graze the canvas with a tiny bit of pressure to add a subtle blur to your artwork or use stronger pressure to actually mix existing colors on the canvas together to create new ones.

With no instruction manual or handbook required, whether you are a beginner, expert or somewhere in-between, you will enjoy the simplicity and power of the most intuitive and compelling illustration app for iPad, Inspire Pro.

● 12 high quality brushes to choose from, divided into 3 sets: Oil Paint, Airbrushes and Basic Shapes
● All brushes can be used as a Wet Brush, Dry Brush (Blending) or Eraser

Brush Settings
● Opacity
● Size
● Rotation
● Pressure
● Paint load amount
● Automatic paint reload
● Glaze
● Paint blending mode
● Spacing
● Scatter
● Taper size and opacity
● Random size and rotation

● All device orientations are supported all the time — switch from portrait to landscape painting with ease
● 10 levels of undo and redo are available
● 3 finger pan gestures can be used to quickly change brush size, opacity and pressure without opening a menu
● The eyedropper tool can be used with a touch and hold gesture to select paint colors from the canvas
● The canvas can be moved around, rotated and zoomed in and out up to 6400%
● The UI is customizable to fit your painting style and workflow

Color Picker
● Choose any paint color you can dream of with the intuitive color picker
● Saturation and brightness sliders accompany a large color circle and opacity slider

Pressure Sensitive Stylus Support
● Wacom Intuos Creative 1 and 2 as well as the Bamboo Fineline
● Adonit Jot Touch 4 and Pixelpoint
● Ten One Design Pogo Connect 1 and 2
● HEX3 Jaja

Saving and Exporting
● Paintings are automatically saved in your gallery and easily exported to your Photos
● Inspire Pro files include your artwork's image, video and all associated metadata, for the ultimate back-up
● Paintings can be sent via email from within the app
● Paintings can be uploaded directly to Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
● Paintings can be printed directly from the app (AirPrint printer required) or ordered online through direct CanvasPop integration

Visit to check out more screenshots, videos and artwork.

What's New


Hello Inspire Pro fans! First off, we’d like to take a moment to apologize for the lack of major updates to Inspire Pro over the past year. With the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus and all of the under-the-hood changes to iOS 8, it took us a lot longer to bring Inspire for iPhone up to date than we expected. All of that work was well worth it though, it absolutely rocks now on all iPhones 5 or newer and especially on the 6 and 6 plus. If you like Inspire Pro on your iPad and you haven’t checked out Inspire yet on your iPhone, now’s the time!

We redesigned the UI of Inspire while updating it for iOS 8 and the new iPhones and this update to Inspire Pro largely involves integrating and adapting that new design onto the iPad. Aside from an obvious change in looks, the redesigned UI is cleaner, faster and more adaptable to changes with new devices and iOS’s going into the future. We think you’ll see that although the UI is *inspired* by iOS 7/8’s flatter and cleaner look, we’ve added our own little touches here and there to make it unique, yet familiar, to long-time Inspire Pro users.

So now that we’re all up to date with a newly redesigned UI and everything’s working great on the latest iOS, iPhones and iPads, we can focus on exciting new features to our painting engine that we’ve already been working on and designing for you here and there when we needed a break from UI work and fixing iOS 8 bugs :) Be on the look-out for awesome new updates soon — cheers everyone!


Introducing the new Inspire Pro, version 3.0. Available exclusively on the App Store, meticulously designed using the beautiful new features of iOS 8 and painstakingly engineered for the 64-bit CPU and octa-core GPU of the iPad Air 2, the new Inspire Pro delivers an incredibly fast and fluid painting, drawing and sketching experience that you can take with you wherever you go and use whenever inspiration strikes.

New UI
● All of the menus and graphics of the user interface have been redesigned, giving the entire app a brand new, modern look
● The new UI not only looks better, but is also faster and uses less memory and storage space, making the app load and response times a lot quicker
● New and improved app icon and splash screen
● The buttons in the gallery have been cleaned up and rearranged a bit for ease-of-use, speed and aesthetics — there are two new menus, Tools and Artwork

Pressure Sensitive Stylus Support
● Added support for the Wacom Intuos Creative 2 and Bamboo Fineline
● Added support for the Adonit Jot Touch Pixelpoint
● Added support for the Pogo Connect 2

Paintings in the gallery now always appear right-side up, no matter if they are created in portrait or landscape orientation and regardless of the orientation that you hold your iPad.

The iPad Air’s 64-bit CPU is now fully supported, making the UI and painting engine even faster than it was before.

There are two new settings available in the Options menu to have the Eyedropper appear above the touch location and to set how long the touch and hold gesture needs to be performed to invoke it.

The speed and precision of the quick change mode has been improved, so that you can use just 1 finger to adjust values after invoking it with 3 fingers.

The content in the Guide for new users has been updated so that it’s now split across 7 pages instead of all crammed onto only 1 page.

Many bug fixes throughout the entire app, including full support for iOS 8.3.

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