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High Noon Jonny

High Noon Jonny

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High Noon Jonny

Keep your nerves steady & get ready to face off with some of the most exciting arcade fun this side of the Wild West! In High Noon Jonny it’s all about how quick you are, how good your intuition is, and how cool you can keep under pressure!


High Noon Jonny is a uniquely addictive arcade romp that tests your reaction time against the gunslinger High Noon Jonny! There are milliseconds separating you from stopping Jonny in his tracks & winning or getting shot down!

The game also boasts classic “risk vs. reward” arcade point system. Overall wins don’t matter; only how long you can keep every winning streak up! Collect winning streaks in each mode and save - get too cocky and your wins can all be erased with a single mistimed shot!

Bringing the vivid excitement of Wild West showdowns to iOS with all the fun and none of the danger, High Noon Jonny pits gamers in a test of nerves against their titular foe via four unique mini-game modes:

Classic Mode - Face Jonny and wait for the bell to draw. Outdraw him and you win, shoot too late and its game over!

Freestyle Mode - Face off with Jonny mano a mano just like you do in Classic mode, but watch out because he might just bluff you into losing. If he pulls out his gun the game is on, but if he pulls out a rose make sure you don’t shoot!

Dueling Mode - The classic “Turn & Draw” experience. Jonny walks away from you. The second he turns around the Duel is on! Just make sure you don’t jump the gun and shoot him in the back while he’s still walking!

Phantom Showdown - You might have your gunslinger’s timing & intuition down but it won’t help you here! The Phantom showdown is all about the luck of the draw - Jonny’s invisible and you’ll to pick one of six places he may be. Pick the right spot and win, its that simple!

Players start out as greenhorns in each mode but can work their way up to Deputy, Sheriff, & Legend in each mode by saving 10, 15, & 25 consecutive winning showdowns in each mode.
You can share each accomplishment via Facebook & Twitter to brag too

Grab your six shooter & let your quick draw do the talking with High Noon Jonny!

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