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Enormous Boobs - The Greatest Mistakes In the History of the World HD

Enormous Boobs - The Greatest Mistakes In the History of the World HD

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Extracts From Book:
A 47 year old man accidentally killed himself by attempting to answer a telephone. The phone was ringing by the side of his bed, but when he reached for it he picked up his revolver instead. When he put it to his ear, he shot himself.

A terrorist made an enormous boob when he sent a letter bomb but failed to put sufficient postage on it. The bomb was delivered back to him marked ‘return to sender’ . . . he opened it and survived the blast, albeit without his face.

A riveter working on a ship in the early twentieth century was ensuring a watertight seal on the ship’s outer hull by working in the narrow cavity between the outer hull and the inner hull. Having got his rivets in place perfectly, he realised to his horror that he had sealed himself in between the two layers of steel. The ship was completed by his mystified colleagues, and served many years of active service. When finally the ship was scrapped, workmen dismantling it found a skeleton and some riveting tools between the two hulls.

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