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Limited Time! Free until September 6th, 2015!

DVD Catalog with online BACKUP and RESTORE at MyDVDCatalog.com is the fastest way to enter your entire DVD collection into your iPad. You can enter your DVDs both manually or with the tap of a button you can use the AUTO LOAD button where you simply type in your movie title and let our web service find your movie for you and fill in all the information as well as a photo of the movie!

Forget about entering bar codes. Entering a movie is much easier and faster. As soon as you see your movie, tap on it and then tap on save! That is it!

Features of DVD Catalog:

- Animated intro with gorgeous red velvet curtains opening up to your cover flow of movies

- Add movies manually or with the auto load button! ( our favorite feature!)

- Search your entire DVD catalog by Movie Title, actors, directors, rating and year.

- Create Username and password to connect to our webservice.

- Gorgeous graphics and ease of use make this app a cinch to use as well as fun!

- If you dont like the photo of your movie, simply use the image picker and add your own.

MyDVDCatalog.com is complete! Never worry about if your lose or drop your iPad. Now you will have a complete networked internet backup!

Our webservice allows you to backup and restore your personal collection of DVDs! This web service will also allow you to enter your movie info online and then download it to your iPad. You will always have a backup of your movies!

*NOTE - You can store and unlimited amount of DVDs on your device. Our backup and restore service is free up to 150 dvds as well. If you have more than 150 dvds and still want to use our backup and restore service, then you will have to join our Oscar Club. Please visit MyDVDCatalog.com for more details.

MyDVDCatalog.com is proud to present our new feature, SHARE COLLECTION. With this new feature you can share your entire DVD Collection with anyone. All included when you download any of our apps. You have two options with the SHARE COLLECTION FEATURE. You can share your entire collection with everyone in the world, or you can share it with only a few people. See attached screen shots below. To share with everyone, just check the SHARE checkbox in the User profile menu option after you login to mydvdcatalog.com. To limit your collection to only selected people, you would simply enter a share code that you can email to any of your friends or people to who you want to view your collection. Enjoy our new feature!

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- added new 4K and 4K-3D formats when adding movies

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