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Drunk Sharpie - Draw on Your Friends Then Share!

Drunk Sharpie - Draw on Your Friends Then Share!

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Drunk Sharpie lets you have more fun with your drunk, passed out friends than ever before! Forget drawing on their faces, that’s old school. Here is the future of mocking your friends! Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

With Drunk Sharpie, you can draw on any part of their body, add a plunger, blowup doll and so much more. You can even share the humiliating images with lots of other people. Here is how it all goes down...

The party’s great but while far from being over, one of your buddies has already passed out. What an amateur! Well, you know just how to show him what happens to people who don’t know how to pace themselves. Aside from missing out on the fun and pretty girls, when you friend wakes up, he’ll find that he’s a celebrity.

Opening your Drunk Sharpie app, you snap a photo of your poor, unaware buddy as he lays slack-jawed and sprawled on a couch. His shirt is half way up to his armpits and there’s a line of drool running down his chin. Oh, it’s so hard not to laugh at the misfortune of others.

Using your choice of color and size of sharpie, you draw hilarious features all over the photo of your victim…er, friend. You add a feather duster icon and a blowup doll to complete the embarrassing picture.

After showing your creation around to other party goers, you manage to stop laughing long enough to post the image to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts for the world to see. While you’re at it, you email a copy to the star of the photo. He’ll be really surprised when he sees it but luckily, he has a great sense of humor. He’ll probably appreciate your creativity. Or not. You’ll find out tomorrow.

Drunk Sharpie lets you creatively attack your drunk, passed out friends in a safe and harmless way. Use a photo from your camera roll or library, or snap a fresh one for decorating. Select your choice of sharpie colors and sizes to draw on any part of your friend’s body and choose from a list of embarrassing icons to add.

This is a sampling of the cool icons you can pick from: condoms, underwear, plunger, feather duster, shot glass, liquor bottles, poop, beer bottles, puke, blowup dolls. Yes, there’s everything you need to do a proper job of harmlessly humiliating your friends.

No more trying to scrub lipstick off of cheeks and eyelids. This app leaves no tell-tale marks, at least on the body. His reputation for holding his liquor may be a different story.

Once you have created your masterpiece, why not share it everywhere? Post it to your Twitter account or FaceBook page, Drunk Sharpie’s FaceBook page, email it or MMS it. You may just make your friend famous. Won’t he be surprised when he sobers up?

Check out the fun features you get when you download Drunk Sharpie:
* Easy to use interface
* Absolute tons of fun!
* Use photos from your camera roll or library, or snap new ones with your camera
* Choose the perfect size and color of sharpie for your creation
* Select from a hilarious list of cool and embarrassing icons to include
* Share via FaceBook, Twitter, email, MMS and Drunk Sharpie FaceBook page
* Built-in help and how-to video
* Prevents physical marking of the body (it’s easier, too)
* Download Drunk Sharpie Pro with 100+ more icons!

What are you waiting for? Download Drunk Sharpie now, before your next get together. Your friends won’t know what you’re prepared to do, but be warned! They may have Drunk Sharpie, too.

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