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Designated Dialer

Designated Dialer

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Designated Dialer is a drunk dialing lock for your iPhone! It will help make sure you don't wake up and look at your recent calls list, thinking "Oh no, what have I done?".

Some of you friends and I got together, and we... well, we think you've got a problem, but it's okay; Designated Dialer is the answer!

It's nothing to be ashamed of. Really, we're just worried about you. In the last month alone, you've lost three jobs, adopted several Guatemalan children, and almost started a civil war in New Guinea.

We've seen it night after night: as soon as that first beer hits your lips, you whip out your phone and start making calls. Ex girlfriends, current girlfriends, friends' girlfriends, family members, foreign heads of sta... you get the idea. Luckily, though, Designated Dialer is here to help.

Just fire it up on your way to the bar, decide who you probably shouldn't be calling, and hit "Lock my phone". Designated Dialer will edit those contacts, so every time you try calling them, you'll get our custom toll-free number reminding you that you probably shouldn't be calling them, instead.

When you wake up tomorrow, just run the app again, and pass a simple coordination test. Your contact list will be put back to normal, and you'll know you didn't make any bad phone-based decisions.

Note: Designated Dialer modifies your contact list to prevent you from dialing people. As such, if you sync your contact list with MobileMe/iTunes/etc while locked, your synced contacts will show the modified number until you unlock your contact list and re-sync.

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