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Bat Video!

Bat Video!

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Bat Video! is the premier iPhone and iPod Touch video collection of bats in action!

Love bats? Want some creepy entertainment? The forelimbs of bats are webbed and developed as wings, making them the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight.
There are about 1,100 bat species worldwide, which represent about 20 percent of all classified mammal species. About 70 percent of bats are insectivores. Most of the rest are frugivores, or fruit eaters. A few species feed from animals other than insects. Bats are present throughout most of the world and perform vital ecological roles such as pollinating flowers and dispersing fruit seeds. Many tropical plants depend entirely on bats for the distribution of their seeds. With Bat Video! you'll see videos of bats from cute fruit bats to terrifying vampire bats - all on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!

Bat Video! also allows you to chat right within the application - you can immediately share your thoughts and comments on a moderated discussion panel. Share your favorite bat video moments with others!

Bat Video! is part of the Video! series of iPhone Applications. Video! is the ultimate series of the most spectacular and outlandish videos you will ever find, featuring nuclear weapons, fast cars, explosions, UFOs, ghosts, zombies, vampires, sharks, and dinosaurs! If you like Bat Video! be sure to check out other videos in the Video! series including UFO Video!, Ghost Video!, Zombie Video!, and Vampire Video!.

******* ON SALE! - NOW 50% OFF - THIS WEEK ONLY! *******

== Bat Video! Features ==
- Over 25 bat videos formatted for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
- High quality videos streamed immediately to you. No downloading or syncing required!
- Videos are optimized to your current connection speed, but work best with Wifi enabled
- Optional live user chat

== Videos Include ==
- The Arizona Bat Workshop
- Vampire Bats
- Vampire Bats Versus The Wrinkle Bat
- Catfish Versus Bat
- The Assassin Bug Versus the Bat
- White-Noise Syndrome in Bats
- Hundreds of Thousands of Bats Died and No One Knows Why
- Eating Bats
- How To Capture a Bat
- Beautiful Bats
- Robot Bat?
- Bit by a Bat
- Can You Have a Bat for a Pet?
- That's a Huge Bat
- Big Bad Bat
- A Fox Bat Fights for It's Life
- A Spider Kills a Bat
- Cute Baby Fruit Bat
- A Colony of Bats
- Bat on a Treadmill
- Wind Turbines and Bats
- Giant Bat Eating Centipede
- Holy Cat!
- How to Make an Origami Bat
- Sid the Bat Sings a Love Song
- Baby Bat Rescues

Bat Video! is brought to you by Interave Media, creators of the best of iPhone mobile video applications. Video application series include: Vintage Videos, ArtVideo, Cartoon Classics, ExpertVideo, Cute Clips, Video!, BeVideo, Faith Video, DanceVideo, FitVideo, LegalAid Video, Language Video, and Travel Video.

== Satisfaction Guaranteed! ==
If you are not 100% satisfied with this app then we will happily refund your purchase! Please contact Interave Media directly with your feedback.

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