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Remember the Day?
Hammering out your own Code?

Featured by Apple as a Staff Favorite,
this is an App like no other,
- welcome back to Basic!

Basic! is the power to bring your imagination to life. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Hang'n out and messing with Basic on an iOS Device is like sit'n aside of time and think'n about just how cool it's been to be around these last 50 years. Yep, Basic is where it all started!

Packed with great Sample Programs, On-Line User Forum access, and a full In-App Help Section; all to help you both get started and never stop programming!

"Basic! will help instruct a whole new generation to bring their imagination to life!" -148 Apps

Remember, you need to know or learn the Basic programing language to use this App. So set your Code, tap Run, let Basic! process, and have a blast!

iOS / miSoft Basic v 3.5.2- 3.5.5 - 3.5.9

- iOS 7 & iOS 8 Support
- Run Programs on Cineverse!
- Enhanced Randomizer & Notation!
- See User Forum for Details!

v 3.5 - 3.5.1

Enhanced UI
iPhone5 Screen
Full Retina Support (RETINA ON/OFF)
Fill/Stroke Round Corner (RRECT)
Updated Face Recognition
Increased Floating Point Precision
Running Code Screen Shots

Featured -!

v. 3.4 / 3.4.1 /3.4.2

Complex expression IF
READPIXEL not inverts Y axis
POINT w/ 1 pixel
SHAPE Outline
FOR exception if first false
Faster Processing
Fixed: Redraw w/ CIRCLE
Rare syntax error

3.3 / 3.3.1

Read Pixel Buffer Commands:

Math Functions: DegreesToRadians, RadiansToDegrees, PI, HALF_PI, TWO_PI

iOS 5+Face Recognition
Email Data Files
DIR Page Pause

v 3.2.2

2X Faster Execution!
On-Line Forum!
Rotate Sprites!
DRAWSPRITE Accepts Option
"angle in degrees" parameter
Now 50 Save Slots
Unlimited Terminal Save
Memory & Mnmgnt Upgrades

Fixes: READ negative #'s from DATA
Non-english text, Music, File
No 128 Character string limit

v 3.2

Commands: TouchX2 - TouchY2
DateYear - DateMonth - DateDay

New "Time" Sample - date/time functions!
Sprite Sample for Multi Touch - Pinch & Zoom!

Fixes: Save Slots, TickCount (returns sec & float point #), File I/O Sample, Redraw (LINE, RECT, etc), ' & $ Stalls.

v 3.0 / 3.1

"Everything's Better with Bluetooth"!
Data Files! Text & Sprites!
Face Recognition to Move Objects!
Faster Processing Speed!
New Sample Data & Code!
Fixed: Shape, Print and , vs ;

v 3.0:

IsFaceOnScreen, FaceX, FaceY
Open "wifi" AS / EOF

v 2.0 / 2.0.1 / 2.0.3:

- New Editor! Auto-format - Cut & Paste Code Lines
- Keyboard: Cursor Up / Down - Line Editing
- Apple Bluetooth® keyboard support
- Color getter functions (ColorR, ColorG, etc)
- Fixed "Quadratic Equation" sample
- "Mortage Calculator" sample w/ GOSUB
- Floating point #'s now start w/ ".", i.e. ".5" or "0.5"

1.5.1 - Fixed: Swapped MID$ & RIGHT$
Parameterless PAUSE

'greater/less/equal' operators for strings!

PASTE in Terminal
iOS Tap & Paste in Editor

1.5 - ">=" & "a^b" (b is floating point) fix

DATE$, TIME$ & TickCount functions!

Accelerometer Support (& samples):
AccelX, AccelY & AccelZ functions,


1.4.5 - New Terminal Screen & Text Colors
More PASTE Code conversion
POINT for single point draw
For loops w/ negative STEP
Fixed, negative power / input null string
Guess # Sample

1.4 - Faster!
Terminal AirPrint
File i/o: OPEN, PRINT #, INPUT #
ScreenWidth / ScreenHeight
Tap Copy & Paste

1.3 - New Graphic, Numeric Commands, & Help.


PASTE w/o extraneous data!

1.2 - Input, Len, CHR$ & Color fnctns!

1.1 - Unlimited Terminal Save, Code in Editor or w/ Line Numbers, a/b Virtual Floppies, New Commands & Functions, e-mail, Help & Sample Code!

1.0 - Welcome to miSoft/iOS Basic!

All miSoft data ©, ™, ® miSoft, LLC 2012/2015.

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What's New

What's new in Version 3.5.9

- Cineverse! Share Basic videos on Cineverse!
- Fixed for iOS 8 & Issues Noted on User Forum!
- Fixed PRINT ""+s$ and Command Run Stall
- Fixed LOADSPRITE issue

3.5.3 / 3.5.4 / 3.5.5 / 3.5.6 / 3.5.7

- Full iOS 7 Support
- RND (min,max,none)
- ANTIALIAS on/off
- UPPER$ and LOWER$ fixed
- GetPixel and ReadPixel fixed
- 3 and 4 dimensional array fixed
- Improved randomizer algorithm
- Improved scientific notation support
- Fixed GOTO leading outside FOR
- Fixed editor cursor & iPad keyboard
- Fixed pre-iOS 6 startup
- iPhone Orientation fix
- Speed & Processing Enhancements

Thanks so much for all your help on the User Forum as well as your patience with us and Apple in getting this update out! Please Remember to Update those Great Ratings and Reviews when you Update this App! Those REALLY REALLY REALLY help us with the Sales we need to fund further Development of Basic!

What Else is new in v 3.5:

Screen Shots in Code Run
Email Files from Data Tab
Save Slots to 99
TTY Break Button Overlap
Retina Large Quantity Draw Stall
Enhanced User Interface
iPhone5 Screen Support
Full Retina Support (RETINA ON/OFF)
Fill/Stroke Round Corner (RRECT)
Updated Face Recognition
Increased Floating Point Precision

Fixes: NOT keyword
string comparison ('digit$ >="0")
multi-dimension string arrays
too many musical notes stall
touch w/ empty data files
paste image to data file

Note: Per Requirements Min. iOS 4.3

From Version 3.4 / 3.4.1 / 3.4.2

Cursor moves to line where syntax error occurred
Orientation improvements on iPad
Scrolling PRINT improvements
DrawEllipse improvements on iPad
Complex expression IF Command
READPIXEL no longer inverts Y axis
POINT Command with 1 pixel granularity
SHAPE can now draw unfilled shapes
FOR exception if first condition is false
Improved: Speed & Processing
Fixed: Redraw w/ CIRCLE on older devices
Random syntax error

From Version 3.3 / 3.3.1

Improved for New iPad!

Read Pixel Buffer Commands:

Math Functions:
DegreesToRadians, RadiansToDegrees, PI, HALF_PI, TWO_PI

Face Recognition Enhancements
Email Data Files
DIR Pauses between Pages

Fixed: Music 'Play', Code Save & Various Items.

From Version 3.2.2

Execution Speed Up: 2x and faster!
In-App On-Line Forum Access in Help!
Sprites Can Now Rotate!
DRAWSPRITE Command Accepts Option
"angle in degrees" parameter
More Save Slots, 50 Total! Unlimited in Terminal!
Much More & Efficient Memory / Management!
Non-english characters will not Stall
Removed 128 Characters limit of string variables
String variables can now contain strings of any length

Thanks for the Amazing Response to Basic!
Check Out All Our Apps! • Simply Search 'miSoft'!

v 3.2

Multi Touch & Date / Time Commands!
Code Save & Load Enhancements!

Commands: TouchX2 - TouchY2
DateYear - DateMonth - DateDay

See "Time" Sample in Help/Misc. code illustrates date/time functions, and Sprite Sample for Pinch & Zoom!

3.2 Fixes: Save Code Slots, TickCount (now returns # of seconds floating point # since Run), File I/O Sample, Graphics Redraw (LINE, RECT, etc), ' & $ Stalls.

3.0 - "Everything's Better with Bluetooth"!
Data Files! Both Text & Sprites!
Face Recognition to Move Objects!
Major Processing Speed Upgrade!
New Sample Data & Code!
Various Reported Issues Fixed, Thanks!

Thanks for the Amazing response to Basic! Enjoy!

*A 'jailbreak' is when 3rd party software 'changes' iDevice software. This update is compiled to the latest iOS version, and may not run if you are using certain 'jailbreaks'. We are sorry about, but we can not fix jailbreak issues, and are absolutely not putting code in our Apps to prevent them from running on JailBreaks. Please consider updating your Device to a clean, non-jailbroken version of iOS.

All miSoft data ©, ™, ® miSoft, LLC 2012/2015.

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