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6 years on, AirCoaster is still the only realistic 3D roller coaster simulator for the iPhone and iPad. If you love roller coasters and thrill rides, this is the app for you!

AirCoaster 1.6, our first update in years, comes with a brand new look for iOS 9 and the latest iPhones and iPads, and a completely revamped, modern 3D rendering engine.

The New York Times GadgetWise blog calls AirCoaster "particularly fun to play with." says AirCoaster is "filled with fun ways to interact with the iPad." Take your own roller coasters for "a dizzying first-person ride."

AirCoaster has also been featured on, iLounge, the San Francisco Examiner, and more!

Create your own roller coaster tracks with our powerful yet easy to use multitouch 3D track editor. Use 1 finger to rotate, 2 to zoom and pan around, as you nudge and tweak each track segment to create the perfect ride. Once you are done, buckle up and ride your very own roller coaster. You can even make videos of your rides*!

AirCoaster's ride simulation engine lets you create both regular and inverted roller coasters. Your roller coaster starts and stops at a station, just like in real life. You can even place up to 6 trains on the track at once and watch them go. Ride with your headphones on for amazing 3D sound effects.

Don't want to create your own tracks? Go to the Community tab and download the most popular tracks. Some of our users have been on the app a >long< time and have developed many creative track making techniques that they are eager to share.

AirCoaster was a Featured App on the App Store when the iPad launched and was also selected as a Staff Favorite for the iPad (yeah that was a long time ago).

* Making ride videos requires iOS 9 and a 64-bit iPhone or iPad.

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What's New

Fixed: Tap gestures now work properly on the iPhone 6S (3D Touch devices).

Fixed: Tapping on the "Explore" tab now always takes you back out to the list of tracks.

It's now easier to download tracks. You don't have to wait for the current download to finish to start downloading another track.

New 3D Touch features:

• App shortcuts to go to your wall, the most popular list and the most recent list directly from the home screen.

• Peek/pop on any track on the Explore tab to browse and download online tracks quickly.

FIXED IN 1.6.2

Fixed bug where setting the last segment as "last rideable" causes the car to turn black.

Fixed issue where ride mode fails to work after using the app for an extended period of time.

Fixed trains not dispatching from the station in some situations.

The screen no longer turns off during ride mode.

Fixed slight distortion in ride mode when banking.

FIXED IN 1.6.1

The last segment of closed tracks wasn't banking properly in the track editor.

The "Done" button was missing in the color selector for iOS 8.0-8.2 devices.

NEW IN 1.6

Brand new look for iOS 9 and today's iOS devices.

New rendering engine for ride mode that offers smoother frame rates and greater realism. Roam freely while riding the track. Double tap to return to your seat.

New audio engine for awesome 3D sound effects. Try riding with your headphones on!

Tracks that go underground automatically create holes in the ground if you place a tunnel around them.

Select multiple segments and copy and paste them to create complex tracks much more easily.

Many adjustment buttons in the track editor now support tap-and-hold to let you quickly and precisely change the current value. You can also tap the current tool to enter a precise numerical value.

Never lose access to your AirCoaster account again using the new account recovery feature. This feature also lets you easily move accounts between devices.

Advanced users: Designate a track segment as the "last rideable segment" to create closed tracks surrounded by scenery.


Record videos of your rides and share them on YouTube or with the AirCoaster community. Requires iPhone 5S or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPad Air or later.

Fully optimized for split-screen multi-tasking on the iPad Air 2. Simultaneously ride roller coasters and surf the web, watch YouTube or whatever y'all like to do.


Note: We have removed some features, notably wooden mode and banners. These will be brought back in a future update after we are done re-designing and modernizing them.

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