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Personal Adviser

These days it can be tough to make decisions in your life. Should I hire that new employee? Should I sell some stock? Should I eat the tuna salad, even though it's two days old? Well worry no longer, because your decision making just got easier!! Meet Personal Adviser for the iPhone. Ask for his advice on any topic, touch his tie, and he'll give you his unbiased, well thought out advice. With 30 unique and clever spoken pieces of advice, he can tackle anything from the most difficult issues to whether or not you should call back that guy you met last night.

Your Personal Adviser will also help to boost your self-esteem by complimenting you when he thinks your idea is top notch! With compliments like, "I wish I were you", and "You sure are brilliant", Personal Adviser will brighten up anyone's day. But be careful...if you're idea is way off the mark, he's not afraid to insult you on occasion either (purely to help you improve yourself, of course). Your Personal Adviser's agreeability can also be customized, making him the perfect "Yes man", or "No man", if you desire.

Last but not least, your Personal Adviser has a great sense of humor and loves to play jokes on your friends and co-workers. Touch the lower left corner of the screen and Personal Adviser will disagree with any idea presented to him. He'll throw in an insult after each one too! But touch the lower right corner of the screen, and Personal Adviser will agree 100% of the time, and compliment profusely. Your friends won't know why he never likes their ideas, but always likes yours!

Personal Adviser is a fun application to help you make the most of your day, and laugh a little while you're at it. And as we've discovered, kids also love playing with it. So should you download this app? Personal Adviser says: "Oh, absolutely yes! ...  With ideas like that, you are going places!"

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