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Immerse yourself in the world's first interactive 3D Graphic Novel, complete with sound, animation and an innovative 3D interface.

The year is 2084. VIVO (Virtual Interface Vision Overlay) implants enable a weary population to avoid the harsh realities of life. Virtual landscaping, clothing and settings wrap everything you see. Crumbling buildings appear to be palaces and a view of poverty out an apartment window becomes one of snow-capped mountains, lush forests and pristine lakes.

Smart systems, powerful quantum computing and the real-time capture of every person's every move give the world's governments, religions and corporations the ability to manipulate individuals' actions, shape their opinions and drive consumption at a level never even conceived of by the marketers of the previous century.

And while the diseases that have plagued humankind forever are cured, the workings of the brain -- the processes that define personality -- become malleable, and the ability to copy them call into question what it means to be human.

Amid such flux, such opportunity and such danger, a clandestine struggle heats to an inevitable and pivotal conflagration between the creators of the technologies that now affect every moment of every person's life across the entire planet.

Order your FREE 3D GLASSES inside the APP.

Upon purchasing, open the App and go to the "Emporium" section to order your FREE Red/Cyan 3D Glasses. If you use glasses from another source, please be sure the lenses are Red and CYAN and NOT Red and BLUE in order to maximize your 3D experience.

App includes:
- Three multimedia content Feeds (additional Feeds may be purchased In-App.)
- In-depth multimedia information about the VIVO technology
- The History of the 21st Century from 2015 to 2084
- The Cyclopedia, which covers social influences, the definition and meaning of concepts/terms and a review of the Justice system.
- FREE 3D glasses, sent upon your request made within the App.

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• Fixed problem where sound continued to play when it should have stopped.
• Corrected link to our privacy policy.

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