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井上和彦 玉川部長02 励まし

井上和彦 玉川部長02 励まし

       iOS Universal

"KoeKyara" is an application that the character talks for you by various situations.

・玉川部長(Tamagawa Buchou) talks for you by various situations.
・玉川部長is a dog. However, it talks. Moreover, it has seven color voice. The pet food company was pushed up to the first class by amazing intuition power and the tongue.
・玉川部長's voice is 井上和彦(Kazuhiko Inoue), a popular radio actor.
・You can edit the sentence in each clause that 玉川部長 speaks. There are more to 1296 kinds of sentences that can be done.
・Two kinds of interlude can be inserted into the sentence that 玉川部長 speaks. The effect sound or BGM can also be put in.
・It is possible to use 1296 kinds of whisper as an alarm clock/alarm (The Snooze Function is attached, too).
・It is possible to use 1296 kinds of whisper as a timer.
・"Whisper" example of 玉川部長's which can be edit by 1296 kinds of ways
[ドンマイ] [だいじょーぶっ!] [私も応援するから] [また頑張ろうよ]
[まぁまぁ] [そんな日もあるよ] [ありきたりだけど] [明日があるよ]
[バカだな] [気にしない気にしない] [大したことじゃないから] [次頑張ればいいよ]
[オイオイ] [凹んでるのかい] [側にいてあげるから] [好きなだけ泣きなよ]
[なんだ] [泣いてるの] [そんなこと忘れて] [ハッピーハッピー]
[どしたの] [らしくないぞ] [気にすることないから] [笑顔を見せて欲しいな]

・Speaker cannot sound in silent mode, please use it after releasing the silent mode.
・Unlike the standard alarm, it cannot be sounded after the returning from the state of sleep (As well as the Timer Function).
In order to sound the alarm need to pre-launch the application, it is recommended to use while charging.

・Without permission the reprint or use of the image or sound sources that are used in this application is strictly prohibited.


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