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Your Memory Coach

Your Memory Coach

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Your Memory Coach –Master the Major System by Tim Kenning
Copyright © 2009 by Tim Kenning

"If you have read any of the popular books on memory techniques then you'll be familiar with The major System. Well, here's an app to help you practice and master the system."

With this i card deck you will be able to learn and practice one of the most powerful and versatile memory systems ever devised. The Major System will allow you to easily remember any numbers you need to such as PINs, passwords, dates as well as lists of information. It is the key to a mental filing system that once you have learned the basic principles will always be with you.

*Basic Principles
Use Your Imagination
The first thing you’ll notice is that this is a very plain and simple looking deck of i cards and that is because the power of the method is in getting you to create the mental images in your own mind.

The main principle of memory is to use your imagination in a vivid and exciting way. The more unusual or dramatic the images you create the easier they will be to remember.

The next principle is that you remember new information by linking it to something you already know. When you create that association between two elements in your imagination, again you need to make them as vivid and unusual as possible. Use colour, movement, sounds, sex, speed, cartoon-like absurdity, surreal qualities.

*What to do
Learn the Major Code
Read cards 0 - 9 and learn the Major Code that translates 0 - 9 into letters and words. These connections are designed in themselves to be easy to remember.

Create the Images for 0-9
Create your Memory Images to go with 0 - 9. When creating your Memory Images make then as vivid and outrageous as possible. Use colour, movement and sounds to create a memorable image. There are suggestions to get to get you started but you can create your own Memory Image if you prefer.

Test Your Memory of the Major Code
Test yourself later in the day to see if you can remember the Memory Images for 0-9. If you have trouble just go back and intensify the image. Make it more vivid, absurd and exaggerated so that it has an impact on your mind when you think about it.

Once you have learned the Major Code you can start to use that code to remember PINs, Credit Card numbers, telephone numbers, passwords and dates in history. You can combine the Mental Images to remember longer numbers by linking one to another. You can also use the Major Code to create longer words, or phrases based on the code to help you remember longer numbers.

*App instructions*

*Learning Menu*
Tap the cards to go through them or use your finger to slide them up/down

*Test Numbers*
Tap the cards to reveal the text associated with the numbers. Tap again to reveal the next card.

*Test Words*
Tap the cards to reveal the text associated with the words. Tap again to reveal the next card

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