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Yah Patterns learn patterning with color shapes

Yah Patterns learn patterning with color shapes

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Yah Patterns learn patterning with color shapes
Preschool recognizing patterns game, with fun color shapes.

Help your child age 4-7 learn patterning with shapes they can move with touch, reinforcing sound effects, and beautiful colors.
Learning patterns helps with social, cognitive, motor skills, and mathematics.

- Use your finger to move the shapes into place
- 9 different shapes
- Simple to difficult patterns
- Colorful, fun educational activity for your kids

Yah, Shape Patterns game
Starting with basic patterns, and then moving on to more complex patterns as your child progresses through each of the six levels.
Every game is different, we don't use the same set of questions.
Grab a shape and slide it into the pattern, the shape follows your finger.

9 colorful shapes, move them with your finger
- Baby blue circle
- Purple pentagon
- Yellow diamond
- Brown octagon
- Purple triangle
- Yellow star
- Red rectangle
- Green square

The value of learning patterns in early childhood
Pattern decimation is a early learning skill set that helps kids compare and contrast the differences between objects, and make associations.
Early exposure to patterns and the ability to understand the visual difference between objects, and an organized series of objects can
be the foundation for later understanding of more complex associations found in math, social interactions, and daily life.

What's new

- iPhone 5 Support
- HD graphics for new iPad
- Better game play, super addictive
- New icon, splash screens


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