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Weigo•The Monkey King Came to the World

Weigo•The Monkey King Came to the World

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Wei Guo love reading 3 more daily free download small story, please parents parents can pay attention to Wei fruit love reading in micro-blog, Wei fruit

Mother group qq:336581448 interactive, pay attention to daily free product.

Journey to the West series of new shelves. This book is a journey to the west the first set, the monkey king was born. "There is a mountain of flowers and fruit on the edge of the East China sea. There is a piece of stone on the mountain. A "boom", from the rock burst out of a stone monkey. Later the stone monkey with a monkey found the mountain of flowers and fruit when the monkey king, then king went to the Bodhi old Zu art named "Monkey King", he very clever and learned a lot. He went to the East China Sea Dragon Palace took the golden cudgel. Back to the mountain of flowers and fruit.". The kids love it, please remember to add comments to us, your support is our greatest power!
Functions and features:
The splendid illustrations, enjoyable experience
Original Chinese, English, Japanese dubbing
Unique, animated cartoon interactive spelling-studying function
Parent-children video teaching function: parents can make videos to tell stories to children.
The scrawling game relating to the story
Coverflow model makes it possible to start at any page.
The online book-shelf’s function will make it possible to view at any time the new books to be published and published.
Function of automatic page scrolling and hand scrolling, which make the reading more easy and free.

?About Weigo

Weigo is engaged in creating an interactive book brand most suitable for children’s reading. Weigo provides for every children the most dazzling, most complete reading experience with high-quality, artistic illustrations and rich functions, that children could study language, accept culture nurturing, and grow up in happiness.

?Join us:
Weigo is a developer focused on digital book publishing. If you are also a publisher, an illustrator or a writer, welcome to join to Weigo partner. We expect a sincere cooperation to make the greatest releasing value for you!


What's new

1 support iphone5
2The stability of 2 mothers voice recording function;
3 Pinyin reading more accurate;
Add 4 Yuan intelligent reading platform entrance;
HD HD support 5 story map resolution, on the PAD panel is also very clear;
6.fix bug;


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