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Periodic Table for iOS

Periodic Table for iOS

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Your periodic table doesn't have to suck.
Tavola Periodica merges design and efficiency into a better way to visualise chemical elements.

Our unique approach includes:

- Focus on the element, not just the table

The user interface is focused on a single chemical element at a time. The whole periodic table is a secondary UI component, giving you "the big picture" without distracting from what's important.

This way you get the best out of your iPhone screen estate.

- State animation and temperature control

Chemical elements that are liquid or gas at rest are animated, and each state change (e.g., from solid to liquid) is animated as well.
You can influence the element state by changing its temperature, in a dedicated panel. A slider lets you control the temperature, displayed according to the Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin scale.

This way learning element states and is a pleasure.

- Navigation and search

The periodic table can be navigated in multiple ways. You can swipe from one element to another (we worked really hard to give you a smooth scrolling, trust us), you can touch the element map (portrait-mode only), you can scroll the element list (landscape-mode only), or you can even search for an element name (or any of its property) in the search panel.

This way you always reach the element you need quickly.

- Bookmarks and notes

You can bookmark any chemical element you like. Bookmarked elements will appear in a special map, in a dedicated panel.

You can also take notes for any chemical element you like. Notes will appear in a dedicate panel, besides the name of the element. You can even export your notes, via email or on your clipboard for easy copy & paste in other apps.

This way you can use just a single app to take notes during your chemistry class.

- Rich properties

A single tap on the element symbol brings you to the Properties section. We stored as much information as we could in there.

Element properties are grouped in categories: Basic, Electromagnetic, Thermodynamic, Nuclear, Material, and Atomic.

For many properties, you can convert the temperature scale (Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin) or the energy unit of measure (eV or kJ/Mol).

This way you always have all the information you need in one single place.

- Electronic configuration and images

In the Properties section, for each element you have displayed the electronic configuration and an image (if available). A single tap and the image will zoom out in all its glory. A long tap on the image and you can save the image on your iPhone or copy in the clipboard.

This way it's easier to remember how an element looks like.

- Export capabilities

In the Properties section, for each element, you can copy single properties or the entire list in the clipboard, or export it via email. You can do the same with the picture of the element.

If in doubts, you can search what each property means on Wikipedia or you can look at the element properties on Wikipedia or Wolfram Alpha. All right from inside the app.

This way it's easier to share information with your classmates or colleagues.

Of course we are working on the iPad version :) Stay tuned.

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Follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( for updates, previews, beta opportunities, suggestions, and support!

Fixed Electronic Configuration for some elements (thanks to our reviewers).

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