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Super Duper Idioms Pro

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Do your students need to learn to read between the lines? Have you bent over backwards trying to find a great way to teach idioms? Well this app makes learning idioms a piece of cake!

This educational app from Super Duper Publications teaches students how to correctly interpret and understand 500 common English idioms. It has four entertaining learning games and includes enhanced data tracking so educators and parents can keep track of student progress.

•Multiple Choice – This game has two ways to play. Students can either pick the correct definition for a given idiom or they can pick the idiom that fits a given definition.
•Super Duper Secret Decoder – Students listen to the question and answer choices, select an answer, and then slide the Secret Decoder over their choice to reveal the correct response.
•Fill in the Blank – Students listen to a short story, then pick the idiom that fits in the blank to complete the story.
•Search & Circle – Students locate and circle the idiom in a short story. Then students choose the definition that matches the idiom.

•500 colorfully illustrated idioms
•Four entertaining learning activities
•Option to change the difficulty level of each activity by choosing to have 2, 3, or 4 answer choices
•Includes audio of all questions and answers for non-readers
•Has text of each question and answer for early readers
•Select any or all packs of idioms for game play
•Allows an unlimited number of students to play
•Option to manually or automatically advance to the next card and/or player
•Option to have answers read back to player

DATA TRACKING lets educators and parents:
•Manually or automatically score student responses
•Keep track of data for all players
•Receive feedback for each correct and incorrect response
•View player results for all the sessions at any time
•Examine student progress over time using graphs
•Email, print, and share session results

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