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Study PinYin

Study PinYin

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☆☆☆☆☆ A Great way to Learn Chinese PinYin Anywhere. 64 Chinese PinYin Characters with 4 different Categories specially designed for the iPad. This is a totally new Learning Experience. ☆☆☆☆☆

You can learn almost anywhere, Study PinYin has been designed to help you Learn Pin Yin which is the foundation of Chinese. With the fun graphics and easy to use interface you will be speaking fluently in no time.

Every Individual Character has an explanation in English and Chinese on how to pronounce the Character. There is also a commonly used word for each Character.

There are four different categories per Character.

★Learn it in Words - Gives you 4 Words Using that Character
★Learn to Spell - Listen to the 4 different Tones of Each Character
★Learn it in Sentences - Listen to a complete Sentence, in Chinese and English.
★Tongue Twister - Just for fun try a tongue twister in Chinese and English


★Based on the Book, Study PinYin.
★Very Easy User Friendly Interface.
★Packed Full with 64 Characters of Pictures, Text and Sound files.
★Learn Step by Step, Character by Character.
★Simply touch individual Sentences, Words or Pictures and listen to the Chinese or English.
★Excellent and Clear Pronunciation to help you pronounce the 4 Chinese tones.

With the Beautiful illustrated graphics these will keep you and your Children captivated and have fun while learning. With the Clear Pronunciation it’s like having your very own Chinese Linguistic with you wherever and whenever you want to learn. This Best Selling book has been created into Beautiful User Friendly application.

1. Single Vowels a o e
2. Single Vowels i u ü
3. Initials b p m f
4. Initials d t n l
5. Initials g k h
6. Initials j q x
7. Initials z c s
8. Initials zh ch sh r
9. Initials y w
10. Double Vowels ai ei ui
11. Double Vowels ao ou iu
12. Double Vowels ie üe
13. Special Vowels er
14. Nasalized Vowels an en in

Super Songs 1, 2 & 3, Study Pin Yin, Everyday English 1 & 2, 100 Tang Dynasty Chinese Poems for Children, Baby’s First Vocabulary 600 + 100.


Your 5 Star Ratings keep us developing other great and fun apps.

Don't wait, start have fun while learning with Study PinYin now.

What's new

We listen too your comments and suggestions and we've added a bunch of new stuff and fixed some bugs.

*** Added ***

English & Chinese Vocabulary Section
About Us Page
Coverflow App shelf
Starter Logo Video

*** Fixed ***

The missing back button
And a whole bunch of bugs to make the app performance faster.


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