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statmagic PRO

statmagic PRO

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Statmagic PRO makes intro stats simpler, clearer, and easier to learn. It has no ads or in-app purchases keeping you from full functionality.

PRO has all the functionality of the free version, plus:
> An exceedingly easy dataset import feature. Just open a spreadsheet in a spreadsheet app, copy the data onto your device's clipboard, and statmagic PRO can read it! And statmagic PRO can then help you select the correct test for your 1-sample, 2-sample, or paired data.
> An 11th calculator: the best-designed Chi-squared calculator out there. (Which, besides furnishing full test results, instantly calculates the expected and Chi-squared values when you enter the observed counts. Handles up to a 7x7 table.)
> In the regression calculator, PRO now gives you the ability to use the regression equation to calculate the predicted y for any chosen x. (And this y-hat is automatically plotted on the line, and also turns orange to warn you of extrapolation!)

From the free version:

Statmagic is the best, easiest-to-use app for learning stats, featuring:
> Complete and accurate results for 10 different statistical topics and tests.
> Press-and-hold definitions for all inputs.
> Automatic graphics and plots, so you can visualize what’s going on.
> Input validation and warning messages to help prevent simple mistakes.
> Integration with a statmagic's online learning series, which teaches the core ideas of a semester-long stat course into less than 2 lectures' time.
> Extensive help material, with straightforward explanations of the core ideas and formulas of statistics, honed by years of tutoring experience.
> Flexible answer rounding.
> Memorable example problems.

With 10 calculators, statmagic covers the most common topics in intro stat classes, each with individual help pages and specific example problems. These are:
> Descriptive stats (mean, quartiles, standard deviation, etc.).
> Probabilities (with Z and T scores) on the normal distribution.
> One- and two-sample tests of mean (Z, T, and Welch tests).
> One- and two-sample tests of proportion (allows both decimal "0.48" and fractional "54/112" type entries for p).
> Confidence intervals (for a mean or a proportion, featuring a full, auto-filling CI formula, so you can see how the CI is constructed).
> Minimum N (for a mean or a proportion).
> Least-squares linear regression (with an automatic scatterplot that colors outliers).

Learn, practice, and finish your stats homework faster with statmagic.

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