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The Starry Night College App for the iPad is the most comprehensive educational astronomy app - period. Use it with your introductory astronomy textbook or on its own. It's a powerful, portable planetarium that fits in your backpack. It puts thousands of stars and planets at your fingertips. It lets you find objects in the sky using your iPad’s built-in compass and accelerometer.

The Starry Night College App includes thousands of astronomical images, and contains encyclopedic descriptions of the constellations, stars and planets. 45 lessons are built in to the application. Integrated exercises are joined to hundreds of simulations, images and interactions! The exercises are even mapped to popular astronomy textbooks. A massive object database and the ability to leave Earth and fly into orbit around any Solar System object or nearby star is a most popular feature. It shows you 2.6 million stars, and 31,000 deep sky objects - including the entire NGC/IC catalog and it includes nearly 18,000 asteroids, comets, and satellites with updateable orbits.

The Starry Night College App for the iPad is guaranteed to make it easier for astronomy students to visually grasp the concepts of astronomy. You’ll be amazed at what you learn and what a great time you'll have with your course and this program.

Exercise Topics Include:
• Earth, Moon, and Sun
• Diurnal Motion
• Earth’s Revolution Around the Sun
• The Local Coordinate System
• Measuring Angles in the Sky
• The Celestial Sphere
• The Celestial Coordinate System
• Solar and Sidereal Days
• The Year and Seasons
• The Analemma
• The Moon
• Phases of the Moon
• Lunar and Solar Eclipses
• Precession and Nutation
• The Solar System
• Geocentric to the Heliocentric Model
• Planetary Orbits and Configurations
• Johannes Kepler and Elliptical Orbits
• Galileo Strengthens and the Heliocentric Model
• Modern Overview of Our Solar System
• Organization, Size and Scale of the Solar System
• Romer’s Light Experiment
• The Inner Planets of the Solar System
• The Outer Planets of the Solar System

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- General stability improvements.

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