Sentence Reading Magic 2 Deluxe for Schools-Reading with Consonant Blends

Sentence Reading Magic 2 Deluxe for Schools-Reading with Consonant Blends

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Sentence Reading Magic 2 provides the missing link between reading words and reading books-reading sentences.

This app works on developing reading skills using consonant blends and over 50 of the most common sight words. It has a special section to focus on learning 24 of the more difficult sight words to decode.

Sentence Reading Magic 2:

*Helps children become excellent readers.

*Familiarizes children with the 50 of the most essential sight words.

*Takes children from reading words to reading sentences.

*Prepares children to read decodable sentences and books.

*Gives children crucial practice decoding, blending and comprehending complete sentences.

*Offers children the opportunity to practice comprehension skills and increase fluency without becoming intimidated by a full page of print.

*Provides children with the opportunity to become fluent readers.

*Helps children to develop speed to read fluently.

*Helps children to become confident readers.

Most reading programs go from reading words to reading books. This can be too big of a jump for most emerging readers even if the books used are decodable text books.

This app helps to bridge that gap giving emerging readers a gradual and fun step up from reading words. These short sentences are perfect to help children gain confidence in reading sentences.

This app uses over 325 sentences divided into four categories and into 24 lessons.

81 Two-word sentences
82 Three-word sentences
84 Four-word sentences
84 Five word and Six-word sentences

Sentence Reading Magic 2 has several sight word games for sight word practice. It also has several customizable settings for fonts, voices and reward sounds.                           

This app has two modes. The first mode is sentence building where children can move the words into their correct sentence position. The second mode is the reading mode where children can read the sentence and then check their work by touching the hidden picture.

The picture is hidden to encourage word reading instead of "picture reading." Most young readers upon seeing the picture will guess its meaning and not even look at the words. The picture is hidden so that the child will read the words first and then only look at the picture to check their work.

This app uses two and three word sentences, which are punctuated correctly and always begin with a capital letter.

Sentence Reading Magic 2 requires that a child is able to consistently and easily read short vowel word that contain consonant blends such as drum, fast, frog, grip and held.

A child who is struggling to sound out most every word needs to develop stronger single word reading skills. If a child has to sound out each word and then, stop and think about each word, by the time he gets to the end of the sentence, he may have forgotten what the sentence was about. This is an indication that the child needs more practice blending, segmenting and building 3-letter short vowel words and then words with consonant blends. The apps that will help with consonant blend skills are

ABC READING MAGIC 2 Consonant Blends
Learn to blend, segment and read words containing consonant blends.

ABC SPELLING MAGIC 2 Consonant Blends
Learn to build and encode words containing consonant blends.

If the child is struggling with those apps, then they need to take a step down to gain practice and mastery with short vowel words.
The two apps that will help with this are:

ABC READING MAGIC 1 Short Vowel Words
Learn to blend, segment and read 3-letter words.

ABC SPELLING MAGIC 1 Short Vowel Words
Learn to build and encode 3-letter words.

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