Roman Challenge 羅馬大挑戰

Roman Challenge 羅馬大挑戰

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A Production of Symbol.

 In our daily life, sometimes when you see some special combinations of Letters like 'VIII', 'X', 'MMXI'. You know they are 'Roman Numeral Representations'. You may even know what they stand for as you may have known them in your early ages.
 This Application provides a Short Tutorial, a Trainer, a Game Challenge and a Conversion Tool on the Roman Numeral System (RNS). You will find yourself really knowing the RNS after using.
 Well...You THINK you know Roman Numerics, don't you? Let's see if you really know about it. Try this application and say it again, my friend.

-Supporting Range-
 From 1 to 3,999,999.

-Disclaimer & Notice-
 Before using this application, please read this [Disclaimer & Notice] carefully. By using this application (or any part of it) you will signify that you have already read this [Disclaimer & Notice] and that you irrevocably and unconditionally accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in this [Disclaimer & Notice].
This application is for general reference / checking purpose. Though our company will make every effort to make sure the accuracy and reliability of the application & information provided / related, we do not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the application & information provided and shall not because the relevant information for any inaccuracies or omissions and any loss or damage arising from any liability (whether with violations related to contract or otherwise).
Our company have the absolute right (but no obligation) to review, edit or make changes the application and any relatd information, including terms and conditions, in any way, without prior notice.
If you do not agree to these [Disclaimer & Notice], do not download or use of this application. For whom have downloaded this application, please manually delete it.


-Special Thanks-
Photos:Wing Chan

-Background Music-
General-Beethoven Symphony No. 9
Ultimate Challenge-Beethoven Symphony No. 5 1st


在我們的日常生活中,不時會看見一些特別的字母組合,如 'VIII', 'X', 'MMXI',你或會知道這些是'羅馬數字字符',甚至早左中、小學時已知道它們所代表的數值。

只限 1 至 3,999,999 間之整數。

因為使用本程式(或其任何部分)即表示 閣下已閱讀此[通告及免責聲明],以及 閣下不可撤銷及無條件地接受及同意受此[通告及免責聲明]中的條款及條件約束。
本程式僅供一般參考/校對之用, 本公司將盡力確保彼等程式及其提供資料之準確性及可靠性, 惟彼等並不擔保該等資料之準確性及可靠性, 且概不會就因有關資料之任何不確或遺漏而引致之任何損失或損害承擔任何責任(不論是否與侵權行為、訂立契約或其他方面有關)。


相片:Wing Chan


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