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Ray Tools: Inverting Operational Amplifier Simulator

Ray Tools: Inverting Operational Amplifier Simulator

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Solving Operational Amplifiers is straightforward but can become complicated without much effort. This calculator is designed to help simplify your calculations in an easy to use format. Many times you may not know exactly how to design a circuit. Our program starts with a design using an inverting Operational Amplifier in which you can adjust the variables and see what happens to the Gain or Output Voltage. In the Inverting configuration the output is reversed from the input. A positive signal input results in a negative voltage output. The program warns if the amplifier is saturated causing the input signal to be distorted at the output. Many times this is okay when you want the output to switch ON and OFF. The outputs switch when you change the variables by just a little bit. This helps to understand how the Equations work. All values change as you input values either by keyboard or UP/DN adjusters. When you are done simply Email the design results to your home base to be opened in any text editor or spreadsheet. The program warns for division by zero and sets a value to near zero if an input should not be set to zero. This program is a must for Students and Engineers. It makes the complex understandable. Simply the best OP Amp Design Calculator.

- Updates as You Edit
- Number Pad Digital Entry
- Division by Zero warning
- Solve for Gain, Voltage Out, R1, or R2
- Calculates Output Voltage, Gain, and R3
- Circuit Diagrams
- Help Screen , Glossary, Email Results.

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Because of the complex nature of calculations the user assumes all responsibility for accuracy, use and application. This program can be used with other Sensor and Output driver programs available.

MEA Mobile's Ray Tools Apps are developed by Raymond Seymour. After working at General Electric for 37 years he’s now making Engineering apps for iOS. As an inventor he has over 60 granted US Patents.

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