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Pimsleur Course Manager

Pimsleur Course Manager

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The Pimsleur Course App

The best way to learn a foreign language just got better, with this App designed to organize all of the audio files that make up a Pimsleur Language Programs Course into one seamless program that lets you focus on learning a language, not juggling digital downloads.

The Free App is for customers of and that have previously purchased a downloadable course, and does not come with any Pimsleur lessons when you download it. You enter your user-id and password from the website into the App, and all courses in your account will be available for transfer to the App.

The Pimsleur Method is a scientifically proven method that works very well if you follow the recommended approach of listening to one 30 minute lesson a day in order. With the Pimsleur Course App you don’t have to worry about what lesson you are on, the App keeps track for you. Imagine not having to remember where in the middle of a lesson you had to stop unexpectedly.

The App greets you each time you turn it on with what lesson you should do next, or exactly where you stopped if it was mid-lesson, and a button that starts the audio at exactly the right place. No more fumbling with print-outs of the reading booklets – the App brings up the right page on your screen while playing the audio at the same time.

In addition, if you are in an area with weak Wi-Fi, the App can download as little of the course as you need for that day, or you can download it all at once if reception isn’t an issue. Best of all if you lose your connection, or have to stop downloading midway, the App will keep what you already downloaded. You start where you left off.

The best way to learn a new language just got better.

What's new

This new version of the Pimsleur Course Manager includes IOS8 support and several major bug fixes including:

1. Fixed problems causing app crashes and "white screens" on startup - this was primarily due to the device running low or out of storage space. Now the app will alert the you if there is insufficient space, and even if the device is totally of space, the app will still run and allow you to play any previously downloaded lessons.

2. Fixed a problem causing lesson downloads to be deleted by IOS when the device ran low or out of storage space.

3. Fixed a problem where the ebook reader would not run after upgrading to IOS8.

4. The app has been updated to be compatible with IOS8 and the iPhone 6/6 Plus. This also fixes the top status bar display.

5. Fixed a bug where after using the player with the lock screen engaged, and then re-entering the app to continue to play the lesson, the player would not return to the correct location.

5. The library "refresh course list" function is now located in the main menu. The pull-down to refresh feature has been removed.

6. Faster startup time.


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